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    starting digital printing business, need start up loan

    iprintdigital Newbie
      I have been in the printing industry for 15 years, and am looking to re-enter the world of "business owner". I had a business (not in printing) for around 3 years, and I do not mind saying "successfully failed". I learned more by choosing not to go on with that business venture, than I did if I had of made millions. I am close to finishing my AOS in Graphic Design with a 4.0 GPA, and want to apply life experience, education, motivation, passion, and all around printing know how, to further my career, and achieve a major goal. I am extremely driven, hard working, and am currently working on a business plan. I am a new father, which is my first and foremost responsibility, but use any spare minute to work, on making this dream happen. If anyone has advice for me, I would love to speak with you.