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    Considering small vending enterprise

    chessmaster Newbie

      What does it REALLY take to set up an initial vending machine or two? I will be a sophomore at KU next semester, which I feel is located in a town full of vending opportunity, not to mention the actual campus itself. A responsible and researched plunge into such a venture seems like an excellent way for me to start having "my money make me money." I have taken note that the campus library has a few machines in the basement that are rarely stocked despite HEAVY traffic, which to me seems like a prime location to always keep stocked. There is even a vending machine in the basement of my fraternity house which I may speak to our housing corps about replacing with a machine of mine.

      As far as numbers I could spend anywhere up to $4-5 thousand to get started. What does it take as far as cost per machine, acquiring rights to vend, etc. I am very interested yet I feel fairly uneducated. Any help, info, ideas would be greatly appreciated.