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    would You pay to play here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    golfheaven Adventurer

      Facility Description

      • Ø 4,000 to 6,000 square feet facility that will transport you to the ultimate golf experience available anywhere.
      • Ø The vista of 5 state of the art simulators and individual surround sound.
      • Ø Elegant tables with bag rack and cup holders with comfortable sitting.
      • Ø Beverages and snacks.
      • Ø Your own personal golf host to: arrange other amenities such as catering, tee times, special occasion parties, pairing you or your party with other members with the same handicap, arrange a game with other members, join a league, show you the leader board, how to use the simulators most sophisticated array of options on the market such as evaluating your game, swing analysis, correcting your short game, and so much more.




      Membership Fees


      Monthly Membership $195


      18 holes a day maximum.


      One (1) Year Membership $1995 Unlimited use, ten (10) free lessons, and unlimited tournament play.


      Junior Membership (up to 21 yrs. Old) - 10% discount, same as one (1) year membership.


      Senior Membership (60 yrs. +) - 10% discount, same as one (1) year membership.



      League and Tournament Fees


      Tuesday Night League - Two (2) Players per Team


      Eight (8) Weeks $210 per player


      Wednesday Night Tournament - Individual Players


      Eight (8) Weeks No Cost


      Thursday Night League - Four (4) Players per Team


      Eight (8) Weeks $210 per player


      Monthly Tournaments - Seventy-two (72) Holes


      $110 per player


      Junior and Senior Leagues Per Interest
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          rontowns25 Adventurer
          No I wouldn't pay to play play there because I don't play golf. I would however be interested in building a business with sky high profits. I would be very interested in learning how by merely making a slight 2% tweak in the way you think about a situation, how this could improve your success for the rest of your life... http://smallbusinessonlinecommunity.banko

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            tim13ga Wayfarer

            Too small and too expensive.

            If you only have 5 simulators, you can only have 5 four-some's. Thats 20 people max at any one time. How many persons do you plan on cycling through each day? How long is the "Game" to last? Who enforces Tee Times?

            The concept is sound to start with, but add these to the idea. Have 18 simulators, just like a real golf course (or more simulators if possible since the course is virtual and no-one would be trying to play through.) Enforce a rate of play monitor that allows a bad golfer enough time to play the round. If the good golfer is done before the rate of play is done, reward them with "Free Golf" up to the time left on the rate of play monitor. Play or Practice: up to the time on the rate of play monitor. Treat this like a real club, with real Tee Times.

            Charge less, your rates are too high for a virtual concept where there is too long a potential wait for a tee time. People in this income bracket understand the "Time is Money." cliche. They set the Tee times based on their schedule, not yours. If your patrons are going to pay premium rates, they want premium perks.

            I can see the small setting as a "Pampered Patron Party Room" as a service or a much larger club, but not as the sole entity.

            My wife and I had a similar concept years ago, but we did not have the resources or contacts to put it in play. It did not get past the fun "What if, brainstorming" stage. We did have some other concepts that we believe would work.

            Good Luck, I hope this helps.

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                rontowns25 Adventurer
                Absolutely Tim. Absolutely.
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                  golfheaven Adventurer
                  Thank you for your response. to answer your questions as read.A foursome can play 18 holes in less then 2 hours (no walking) so max would be 100 people per day based on 10 hour days 700 per week.The simulators can be timed with warning time increments. The cost of each simulator is 50 k+ just 5 on good lease is 8 k per month trying to bootstrap it thats why so small.each sim takes 400 sq ft. so 18 would be 7200 sq ft + other so what 12,000 sq ft. at 15 + per ft rent. Play or practice all in allotted time. Members get preffered tee times. the ave. golf out in area is $65 per person public course.65 x 52 or 1995 per year and no cost for lessons with pro."Pampered Patron Party Room" Nice !!!!!! Private Membership.

                  Sorry your wife and you did not get past the fun stage.I would be interested in your other concepts and thoughts you believed would work

                  Thanks again
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                      tim13ga Wayfarer
                      I see the justification in your cost. Still high, you may wish to consider some form of "half" or "quarter" memberships as well, good for x number of games instead of unlimited. You don't want to limit the once a month golfer. Hard times and all.

                      The idea we had was more like a total indoor practice facility. You probably have seen double decker driving ranges? Your site indicates you are in the Atlanta region, me to. You might have seen the one a few doors down from the "Hooch." Now imagine that indoors, in an unused "bigbox" that has had to close. Mammoth catch tarps to control the balls. Those would be on the right and left facing out. In the middle would be a large and challenging putting green, with intricate slopes and challenges that would be found in the better courses. We would also include the sandtraps from hell. A real challenge to blast out of.

                      About the driving range. This would have a computer simulation that would give you the same flight information that you would be using in your set up, (without the bird chirps), ,but it would be the bare-bones type. Practice, not fantasy.

                      Throw in a game room, "mini golf", and a snack bar and you have a total golf family practice facility. It was this type of facility that the snack bar / real bar, would have the fancy total immersion simulators.

                      Think big. Really, really, big.

                      I am the type of person that wants the data when I practice. I save the bird chirps for when I am enjoying the game with my grandson.

                      I hope this helps,
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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger
                    I wouldn't, at least not as it is priced. The concept is interesting and the facility looks nice (the website presents both very well) -- but for me, golf is about being on the course and experiencing every aspect of the game.

                    I would consider using this facility as an alternative to the practice range if it were priced more competitively with that. In fact, that seems like a feature/function that could/should be added -- the ability to book the space for 30 minutes at a time, and then select the type of shot and distance you want, work that club/situation over and over, and see the results and analysis each time.

                    Good luck with the enterprise.
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