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    Whats the best way to market a new community for sm business

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      - Empowering Small Business, went live in March 2008. Our three month traffic ranking from Alexa reported that we have increased 1,880,552 or an increase of 669%! (Alexa traffic rank based on a combined measure of page views and users (reach)) With hundreds of businesses signed up on the site, completely for free, a no lose situation for them, what are some ways to target new audiences on the site.

      Brief background so you better understand the site:

       is about empowering friendly businesses. Small businesses can communicate, market, and network to their local area. Come search for a business, be a BrizBud, and interact with your favorite places. Consumer and businesses can sign up completely for free, no hidden fees ever! Our mission, above all, is to give small business owners the best community to create opportunity. By leveraging each other's specialties and knowledge, over a platform that supports communication and deal making, small business owners have the potential to create powerful community relationships and economic impacts that can better our society. Become a part of the Briz community completely for FREE!

      Now, my question to anyone who is willing to help out:

      What free, or inexpensive yet effective ways can we use to reach new markets?


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          If you accomplish the accommodation to put your business online, do your Internet homework. Learn how to aerate acknowledgment through seek engines and able use of keywords and acquisition out how you can actualize a URL that will drive cartage to your site. Although there are abounding chargeless or bargain sources accessible online to advice entrepreneurs alpha their own websites, it may be account the amount of talking to a abstruse adviser who has acquaintance in the field. He or she can advice you advance a added able and anatomic website, which can ultimately access your online sales.
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