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    Caregiver...  With a Plan... Needs $15,000 Unsecured Loan?

    tim13ga Wayfarer
      Hi, my name is Tim.

      I am the primary caregiver to my wife, Jo-Ann. She had a stroke in May of '07 and life has become a parade of bedpans. Throw in losing your job as a Architectural Draftsman, and full panic sets in. Getting only 2 interviews in 12 months after 100's of applications, and you understand why my credit score starts with a decimal point. (just kidding, about the decimal point. but it would be an improvement just to get it up to "Very Bad.")

      The Plan: Before Jo-Ann's stroke, we wanted to start a business and spent time researching what we wanted. It had to be fun, unique, transportable, and could be run from home. We found it. So to not sound like a commercial, I will not say what it is here. I will say that it has something to do with Stars, and good night's sleep. If you would like to see the business plan, just drop me an e-mail at and put "Send me the Star Plan" in the subject line. I will send it to you as a 4 page word document.

      My credit score is also low because I loathe being in debt. I have always lived by "Don't buy it until you can pay cash for it, and don't pay more than its worth just to make FICO happy." I do everything I can to not borrow money. The one time I do need to borrow, I have a fico that makes bankers laugh. What this also means is that I will aggressively pay back the loan. I still have to live with myself, and I prefer it to be debt free. For the record, I rent, drive an old car, and have sold everything of value just to survive.

      What the $15,000 is for is to buy the business, advertise it in the market area, pay some back bills that must be paid and cover living expenses for 4 months while the business gets going.

      Terms: no more than 36% please. The state of Georgia frowns on loans above that rate. 24 months for the payback works well to keep the monthly within reason. If the interest can be more reasonable, I would willing to go up to $25,000 for 36 months. I know the numbers that I need, and $15,000 is the minimum for success.

      I hope my inbox is flooded with requests. Thanks for your time,

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          tim13ga Wayfarer
          This is an update, of sorts.

          I thought that at least a few people would be interested in what the plan was. As of this writing, I have not recieved any requests for it. (after more then 3,500 views) At the risk of sounding like a commercial, I will give the short version of my business plan.

          I want to start a StarScapes business. You may have seen it advertised in the various oppertunity magazines. It is the only business that I have found that can be run from home, and can generate very good returns on the time spent putting the stars on the ceilings. The business does not cost the $15,000 that I am asking for. I do need the additional money to pay some back bills that must be paid. (One of them is to a storage unit that I am behind in. Long story, but I will loose everything real soon if I can't get it paid.) I also need to cover advertising and home expenses until the business can fully pay for itself. I know that this can work. Everyone I have shown the sample I have of the stars, or told that I want to start this business has told me they will purchase from me when I get it started.

          I live in Winder, GA. My market area, would include the cities of Atlanta, Athens, Gainesville and everything in between. Lots of people, and lots of ceilings.

          I guess I was just looking for a miracle, because I am in desperate need of one. Caring for my wife is a full time job. (unpaid of course.) Any mother of a young baby will tell you how much time it takes to care for a fully dependent human being.

          Thanks for your time,
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              eric77777 Newbie
              What is your projected sales for the first year? You said all of your friends and family will purchase your service right? How much revenue will you generate from them alone? You mentioned that you would use some of the loan to pay back bills. What is your plan for paying back the loan if your business does not take off? Not trying to be rude but from a business standpoint its hard to loan someone money who is having to use a loan to pay other bills off before even starting their business.