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    Looking for Investors - We are legit filmmakers

    RivenX3i Newbie
      Hello all,

      I'm writing this post in hopes to find any investors that would be willing to contribute to our upcoming film projects. My crew and I have produced over 80 films (including features, short films, tv/web series, trailers and promotional videos). Two of our feature films will be playing in the Dances With Films Film Festival later this month:


      Our first feature "Fingerman" plays on Saturday (7/26) at 7:15pm
      Trailer -

      Our second feature "Eastern College" plays on Monday (7/28) at 7:15pm
      Teaser Trailer -


      We've also started a sketch comedy webseries and comicbook fan series completely for fun - no budget. You can check those out here:


      Our Sketch Comedy Group -
      Our DC Elseworlds Blogsite -

      DC Elseworlds Part One - "Fair Play":

      DC Elseworlds Part Two - "Titans":

      DC Elseworlds Part Three - "What's in a name?":


      I'm still working on finishing up the scifi/action feature I'm directing/editing/shooting called "Divinity". It was shot strictly for fun with friends of mine with a budget of no more than $300. You can see the trailers for that here:


      Divinity Teaser -

      Divinity Trailer -

      Divinity Extended Trailer -


      Basically, we've seen what we are capable of with very little to no budget and the response is usually always positive. Now we'd like to see what we can do with a little bit of money under our belts. We guarantee a professional product and finish to our work. We already have a few working scripts and synopsis's for various pilots and feature films. All we need is an investor to take a chance on a group of worthy filmmakers. We have countless other shorts online but I don't want to clutter up this page more than I already have. If you'd be interested in learning more about us and the projects that we have in the works, please shoot us an email.

      Thanks for your time and we really look forward to hearing from you!