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    what do u think of my current mortgage payments is it fair

    goodfuture Newbie
      hi guys i recently bought my father buisness whish he owner financed me and i am also carrying previous owner mortgage from whom my dad bought the buisness.
      so basically i am paying two mortgages each month.
      1--$130,000 at rate of 6%=round about $950 for 240 mnths
      2-$140,000 at rate of 9%=round about $1763.90 for 132 mnths


      $270,000 15% $2713.90 per mnth

      is there any way i can get financing for $270000 at 6%
      i been managing this buisness for last 9 yrs its motel/store/house with 5 acre land.
      if somebody interested please contact me.