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    Financing/Loan Options for 6 year old Corporation?

    azmico Newbie
      I formed a deleware corporation 6 years ago, and had 2 foreign investors lined up for the venture. The unfortunate 9/11 incident forced them to reconsider investment option in aviation business and the company never took off. Since the name of the corporation was specific to aviation industry, we did not do any other business. However, we continued paying taxes, state franchise fee, have Fed Tax ID etc, and until today the corporation is in good standing with the state. However, ZERO revenue.
      I do have a new business idea/business model, that I wish to apply in indpendent capacity (without backing from investors) using same corporation, but that would still require capital of 150-300K to make a decent start. I have not applied for financing yet and afraid that it would be rejected because no revenue history of the corporation. Any suggestions or ideas that can help me to benefit from corporation status and get financing? I do have business credit cards but very small credit limit only, which would not help me to give shape to the vision I have. Appreciate any guideline and suggestions.

      In case you're interested...I am a U.S citizen from ONTARIO, California