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    Serious Financing

    faroff Newbie
      Come on there anyone that can seriously help a small business......................not
      in factoring, a cash advance charging close to 30 % if you accept credit cards, not gee I'll get you close to
      $100 K in unsecured loc's all in business credit cards...........anyone can apply for a business cc as long as
      you have good personal credit score and willing to PG. Are there any serious brokers,bankers, whatever
      that look at these forums that can truly,actually help you secure a bank financed line of credit?? I have
      residential property, raw land, and commercial...........don't want to put it up but what's out there/ My business
      is over 20 years old, S corp. Let's get serious. Post what you can do!
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          smallbizowner Newbie
          We are in the same boat as you.......have you looked into the Celoc loans. We are trying right now and because we have the equity it seems the best solution.....without going broke on interest.
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            LUCKIEST Guide

            Serious Financing, As I said on a prior post,

            YES I do actual help. (Not all,) I pick and choose based on their wants, their business, their locations and the chance of getting repaid.
            I also look at their business plans and or tax returns AND YES it is up to them to follow up with SCORE (which is also a FREE help)
            I am NOT a BANK, A BANKER or a FACTOR nor in the LOAN BUSINESS.
            It is NOT up to me to post what I can do. It is up to YOU to make me feel secure enough to lend you funds and still sleep at night.

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                britinusa Wayfarer
                Well put Luckiest.

                Kinda ironic that this is being asked on a BOA sponsored site though.

                I was always taught that "If you say you want, you won't get, If you don't ask, then you don't want".

                However, if someone came across this post, would the perceive it as a reasonable request to help raise financing for a growing, established company that is looking for put your request here investors.

                Take a few moments to look at the post from the eyes of an investor.

                The biggest problem with posting on the net is that it's out there and often you can't pull it back.

                Hope you have good luck finding some supportive financing.

                Did you get anwhere following up with SCORE, or any of the VC groups online?

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                PiperE Wayfarer

                Yes, there are still unseccured business lines of credit that are not credit cards and not even close to a 30% rate... as long as your credit is above 700, preferably 720.