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    Is your merchant account compliant?

    amspcs Ranger
      We've all heard the horror stories of credit card databases being hacked and breached. Just this month, Mongomery got nailed, joining a long list of unlucky noncompliant major retailers....see the story on our blog at*

      Consumer credit card data security is a real concern nowadays that the credit card industry takes very serioiusly. That's why the P*ayment Card Industry* Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a worldwide data security standard that applies to any organizations large or small which
      stores, transmits or processes cardholder data, has been created. If your business accepts credit, this means YOU..

      Did you know that if your business accepts credit cards and you are not PCI compliant, your business can be fined and/or your merchant account permanently shut down? If your business has a merchant account (or if you are in the market for one), this is a subject you should be aware of. Nothing to be afraid of, mind you, because being compliant is not difficult. But you DO need to be aware of your responsibilities since ignorance is not an acceptable excuse should you get nailed. I't's an excellent idea to call your merchant processor, let them know you are aware of these requirements, and make sure you are complaint. Don't just assume your setup is compliant because if it's not, it's YOUR butt on the line.

      We have created a Q & A webpage on the subject. We urge any business that accepts credit cards to review it . Feel free to email any questions to my attention. . No charge, no strings,no ulterior motives. Just information.*