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      Our 19 year old small business needs working a capital and bill consolidation loan. Also, our mortgage is due for renewal and the bank upped our interest rate and refuses to pay the property taxes which they have always rolled into the loan previously. We do have some tax issues that need to be caught up and our building needs to be updated. We would also like to expand a new service we offer that has shown excellent potential.

      I am sick of going to the banks and getting the same run around. Our current financial institution does nothing to help our company. Several years ago our loan officer worked closely with our company and went out of his way to help a young business, he retired about 5 years ago and we got a new officer. Since this new loan officer has been working our account he has done NOTHING to help us and even seems like he's trying to get "rid of our business with his bank". Increased interest rates when rates are relatively low these days. We are not a startup company, we have been in business since 1989. Working capital has always bee an issue since we started on a shoestring budget. We have no long term debt other than taxes and our mortgage. Our personal credit has suffered so we really can't do much in the traditional sense. We are hard working people that provide our customers an honest service, we have niche that allows us to compete with the Walmarts and Office chains.

      Is there anyone/bank out there that can take a chance and help a small business grow?