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    Business start-up

    Mstolpy Newbie
      Need help with securing monies to start up a business.Anyone out there that can help?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Business start-up, Welcome.
          YES I can help. Tell me more. Who are you?? Where are you??
          What kind of business?? and How soon??
          How much monies are you looking for??
          The more you share, the better I can help you.

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              Mstolpy Newbie
              My name is Mike and i live in Kissiimmee,fl.Myself and my partner are looking at opening up a carwash in the area.It is not a self-service carwash.This will be an upscale wash that offers everything from a simple wash and hand dry to a full detail service.My partner has over 10 yrs experience running MAACO franchise and i am currently a self-employed landscaper that also has 20 yrs of dealing with pulblic as a restaurant manager.I have opened 5 new restaurants in my carreer.We would like to open at the beginning of 2009.We are currently looking at land purchase.We thought about purchasing land outright,but we are entertaing idea of owner of land holding note for us.I am currently gathering information for a business plan.I am thinking i would need $250k.I am also waiting for catalogs for equipment prices.For the county impact fees could be $50k+
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                  Gatosalsero Newbie
                  Not sure if this is appropriate because I'm new to this forum but I am investigating a new restaurant franchise. So far all sounds great and the product is somewhat unique and offers items over a large customer demographic...... quick, cheap, healthy, not too healthy, tasty, fun, kosher, non-kosher etc. It requires little as far as experience, equipment capital and setup can be with varying size of store (with seating, without seating, etc). As with all retail, location is key. Customer needs and satisfaction are also key. I got those parts well understood.

                  Id like to hear some of your restaurant experience.....please send me your thoughts/advice at pra4wnd on yahoo
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                  gregglw5 Newbie
                  Hi my name is Gregg Williams and I'm looking to opening lup an Anytime Fitness in the Lima, Ohio and surrounding areas. I have good credit, no capital to invest and I need 50k for a down payment, total cost will be around 240k. That includes working capital, build out cost, and equipment cost. I'm looking to open my first franchise in 6 to 12 months.
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                  geom009 Wayfarer
                  Hello, give me a call I have financing for start-ups.
                  George 727 623-5301
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                    highend18 Newbie
                    i have a question how do i get help finding star-up cost for my boutique i do have a businees plan
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                      hogoworld Newbie


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                        answers Wayfarer
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