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    How to start a non profit organization

    RUNSKI58 Newbie

      I am interested in finding out how to start a non profit organization. My wife and I work with underprivileged youth through our church. We have discovered that there is so much need out there. We are passionate about what we do but cannot devote our time 100% because we both work and have to support our two little ones. I would really love to invest my time 100% to all these kids. I my self am from the other side of the tracks, but someone was able to reach out to me.

      We talk to kids about drugs, education, we deliver food to their homes. Talk to their parents etc. Yes there are many agencies out there providing these kinds of services but we want to be able to do more than simply referring.
      We have been in the projects, and it is very sad. We want to have a place where we can council, offer training for released inmates (re-entering society)
      I have done a lot of reading on faith based programs but none say how you can be a part of that.
      If anyone here knows anything about this kinds of programs and how to get one started please let us know.