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    Need $60,000 loan for new Law Firm

    Arias1 Newbie
      I am in the process of starting a new law firm. I need $60,000 for start up costs and filing fees. I have been practicing in my field for 3 years, have established client base and contacts. I have a 620 credit score, primarily due to high law school loans.

      Please advise if you can help.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          New Law Firm, Welcome

          Tell me more, Where did you grad from Law School?? What is your field??
          Where will you be starting this new Law Firm?? (City and State) Do you have a Location??
          Have you developed a Business and Marketing Plan?? Will you have employees??
          How long do you need the funds for?? And How and When will you repay me??

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              Arias1 Newbie
              Graduated Nova Law School. I practice PIP litigation, Worker's Compensation, Collections. I own a law firm already that focuses on Immigration. My husband and I have owned this firm for 1 year and it is doing great. My practice will be as a d/b/a under our established law firm. We are located in Coral Gables, Miami. We do not have a business plan as it is usually unnecessary for law firms. Pretty much get the clients on a contingency basis. I already have clients. I just do not have the money for filing fees as the Clerk of Courts have recently tripled them. It costs $345 to file each case including service of process, I currently have 500 cases waiting to be filed but do not have the money to file them.

              I will have 1 secretary who has been working with me for the past year. I will need the funds for a maximum of 3 years, but will likely be able to repay within a year. I can repay you monthly beginning 6 months after date of loan origination through automatic payment. Please advise whether you would be able to help.