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    This pays the BEST COMMISSIONS ever. Wouldn't you agree?

    futurebillion Newbie
      So many of us have business idea's and ventures but which one really works? I ask myself, how can I make tons of money weather I work or not? What market can I target where im selling a necessity that everyone needs and uses and not something that may or may not sell.. Well I've finally got it..

      What if I were to tell you of a company that would pay you a percentage of your customers home, internet-dsl, cable tv and cell phone bills (verizon, sprint, nextel, alltel and t-mobile) for the rest of your life? Yes actually receiving a percentage of each and every single one of these bills month after month, year after year for as long as they pay the bill. Now keep in mind, these are bills people are going to pay anyway so why not YOU get paid a percentage each and every month everytime your customers pay their monthly bill. Now let me kick it up a notch. What if you got involved and absolutely loved it and told a friend about what you're doing. Let's say your friend got involved and discovered how easy it was wouldn't it be even better if you earned a percentage of your friends customers monthly bills as well. Now you can and this isn't a fly by night company we're talking about. This is a $500 million dollar a year international company based here in the U.S. The even better thing is, not only would your customers get to keep the same home telephone number and cell phone number they currently have, but you or your customers can be in just about any state in the U.S as well as many countries around the globe. In this market of telecommunications these are the GREATEST COMMISSIONS EVER a person could possibly make!! It's AWESOME!! If you would like to learn more or feel this is easy and perfect for you feel free to email me at


      Forum what do you think? This is the best commissions ever wouldn't you say? Actually signing someone up once for services they already use and getting paid a lifetime for it