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    Help Sell Your Real-Estate by Installing NEW APPLIANCES.

    sotoappliance Wayfarer
      In this day and age where we have such a HUGE INVENTORY of Real-Estate available due to the many forecloseures, there are many folks that want to sell their homes and are finding out that this is a BUYERS market instead of a SELLERS market. During a buyers market you may buy houses REALLY CHEAP and end up with property that has large EQUITY. Sadly, many times if you are going to flip or sell this property, You might not get the true value of the home. During a sellers market, when you list a home for sale, you MIGHT get more thatn what you listed it for or you may sell your home rather QUICKLY!
      Being an owner of an appliance shop = Mr WasherDryer & Appliances @ Soto's Plaza, we have been experiencing where ALOT of buyers are buying NEW APPLIANCES to put in their homes for sale so that their homes sell much quicker than the ones down the street. I can give you some feedback on this for I always ask my buyers of appliances that are doing this to give me feedback if they sell their home. The end result from the data I have is that 70% of the buyers that put in NEW APPLIANCES in their homes for sale are selling their homes. The other 30% are still waiting for a buyer to come and put an offer to buy. I am happy about this for obviously we are making a living selling our new appliances. In my heart though, I wish it to be a sellers market so that the real-estate market thrives GREATLY again as I have experienced in the past.
      If you are interested in pruchasing new appliances, Go to to see the complete new line of appliances that we carry in our warehouse. Get the model numbers of what you like and get back to us
      with those numbers for CASH DISCOUNTED PRICES. IGNORE the MSRP at the site for we can get you a better price 85% of the time. ALL of these appliances are NEW in a BOX with 1 year warranty by FRIGIDAIRE. Seems that alot of folks like the stainless steel or the black look for these are the ones that have been selling alot.
      Questions for the readers: How long do you think it will take to go from a BUYERS market to SELLERS MARKET? This is something that I have been wondering about for quite a while now.
      Luis Soto (owner)
      Soto's Plaza
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