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    Best Industries/Businesses to invest seed funding

    rontowns25 Adventurer
      Hi everybody. I have two questions to pose. First, what are currently the best industries and businesses to invest some seed funding into? I've always had a passion for angel investing and want to start. Where do I begin?

      Secondly, and in reference to the above, does anybody have any resources I could turn to to learning about the fundamentals of starting a business. These two links have been helpful so far,
      and Does anybody have more suggestions?
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          propertylady Newbie

          I guess that you need to sit down and decide on how much of a return you want to make from doing this. Everyone will tell you to go with them but it does make a difference on the return and the time frame that you want your money to be out there. Just be careful and make sure that they have collateral before you do anything. You also need to look at where they are located if that makes a difference for you. On your second question this is a good place to learn but you will also need to contact your local authories in case they have special rules that you need to follow. Hopefully, this will help you. You can email me at if you have any other questions that you need answered.
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            DeanMalibu Adventurer
            The video game industry benefits from continuous growth as well as state grants...Texas offers a kinds of money for this industry....thats why my business model is based on it.