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    Help Me Start My Pizza Business Please

    rontowns25 Adventurer
      I'm motivated, i'm passionate, i''ve set goals, but what are the first steps I take to start a business? I have a passion for pizza and have always wanted to own my own pizza joint. Where do I begin?

      I've found that asking the community as well as reading some of this info
      are the best resources for starting a business so far.

      Anybody have some great ideas?
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          Iwrite Pioneer
          Are you serious? How did you get from advertising to pizza?



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            Iwrite Pioneer
            Okay, I'll bite. Although i think I am missing something in your post.

            If you are serious, then you start by researching the business. What
            does it take to own and operate a pizza place. I think a person needs
            to know what they are getting into - maybe work in a place part time.
            Pizza is a hard business, you have to have the right recipe. I think
            you research the area and the competition - taste what they have to

            That's just the beginning.

            After you have done the research, you need to decide what type of pizza
            place is best for you - dine-in, carryout, delivery or you going to
            sell by the slice.
            If you are a dine-in, are you going to serve alcohol?
            What about menu items?
            Are you going to use a brick oven or a more traditional oven or one of
            the conveyor belt models? Each has its advantages. What price point are
            you going to enter in at?
            What are your hours of operation going to be?
            What type of soda are you going to sell?
            Are you going to buy a franchise or go independent?

            You still need to secure a location, equipment and employees. And of course there is funding.

            I believe the more you know, the better prepared you are. But having
            run a pizza place, I have to say there is nothing like experience.
            There is nothing that can prepare you for employees not showing up,
            dough running out, bad weather, robbery or the list of other things
            that you will encounter. Pizza looks easy but there is an art to making
            and selling a great pizza, and staying in business. I loved it when I
            did it but after I was out I wonder how I made it so long. I have much
            respect for anyone who can make it work.

            As you do your research, you work on your recipes! The crust, sauces and ingredients have to be right.
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                rontowns25 Adventurer
                Iwrite, thanks for the awesome tips. Where was your pizza place located? Pizza is a popular thing everywhere. What are the best target pizza markets geographically speaking, at least in the US?
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                    Iwrite Pioneer
                    I opened, closed and reorganized stores in Atlanta for 8 years.

                    As for the best location, it really is the "best locations:"
                    • Around colleges is great but purely price driven - mainly a delivery unit but some dine in but very seasonal
                    • Upper class neighborhoods are good for bigger orders but less on frequency - dine in with delivery works better here
                    • Lower class neighborhoods are high frequency but smaller orders - delivery and dine in are strong here. This are the most stable sells, they handle bad economic times best
                    • Industrial/business areas are great for both frequency and size of order in the daytime but amazingly slow at night
                    I was fortunate to have one unit that actually bridged all four of these once and it was amazing!! $2000 orders to one location in the daytime, family and party orders at night! Talk about a perfect storm.

                    This unit taught me the power of getting out and meeting people. We went door to door to the bigger companies and offered a special deal for large orders and our sales blew up! We got to the point where we didn't have a true slow period.

                    If you can get any combination of these in one location and are willing to work hard, you should have no problem.

                    A lot of the advice I have given about food places or marketing comes from this period. We once sold 15,000 mini pizzas at an event in a single day!! I talked my boss into taking the catering truck to an event that some of our employees were going to attend, and because no other vendor was there we made a killing!! I was scary selling that much product.

                    Learn to look for opportunities and create them.


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                        usarose1 Newbie
                        I just joined this eveing and am a "PDE", Pizza Delivery Expert, Pizza is a hard gig and can be profitable if the person who owns it runs it in the beginning. Also Some of the Big Boys actually sell their dough to other pizza places, I think starting a pizza business in a college town is a good bet but if you are new to the market,

                        What is going to set you apart from Domino's, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Papa Johns or an upstart like Toppers, Hungry Howies or Denatos.

                        Bring your passion for the business out if you were in advertising before then you can probably make the ads that people wont forget and could corner the market that way... Never stop being creative and bring in people to your business you trust like and can help you grow bring on people who bring something you do not. In other words put together a team if you are a creative person then bring in the cook/chef to do the food, bring in an assistant to make appointments with the local businesses or better yet join the chamber. Great networking opportunities and act like a big company have a soft opening a few days before you open for the public o work out the bugs invite friends family and your local newspaper or favorite radio personality. they always like free food and if it is good they will talk about it on the air but then again the other could happen to. oh and make sure the staff is NICE. The worst thing is having someone on staff who runs off customers by the way they talk or act towards customers.

                        Matt in Charlotte
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                    tim13ga Wayfarer

                    There is a website that says they offer a great pizza crust recipe. It can either be a $40.00 bust, or a $1,000,000,000.00 time saver. The choice is yours.

                    go to and decide for yourself.

                    Good Luck,
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                      GrowthCurve Adventurer
                      If you have never worked in the pizza business, then I suggest you take a full-time job as a pizza-maker for a start. You think I'm joking, but I'm not.

                      The restaurant business is hard. VERY hard.
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                        Mybizfiler Adventurer


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                          pizza_pizza_1 Newbie

                          Pizza Business info is available online. There are many pizza business sites, but have you tried ? They have lots of free samples that are very helpful if you're starting a pizza business. They also have pizza business consulting. Also, try going to a pizza expo when it comes to town. That expo helped me out a lot.
                            • Pizza Business
                              pizza_pizza_1 Newbie

                              Also, don't forget to see who your pizza business competition is. Often, your local competetors can make or break your pizza business. If there are 4 pizza shops all offering $5 pizzas near you, then forget it! Don't forget that is sight is helpful for starting a pizza business.
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                              FullAccessExp Adventurer
                              Hi There,

                              By reaching out to the community for insight you've taken a very important first step! I can provide you with low-cost or FREE pizza boxes. I'll find advertisers for you who would be willing to use pizza boxes to advertising their product/service. In turn, you'll get low-cost or free pizza boxes. Since you don't have an established clientele yet, it probably would be low-cost. Once you have a strong customer base the boxes would likely be free!

                     | Call: (800) 231-7814
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                                conceptgroup Newbie
                                Where are you located. Feel free to contact me for an initial consultation. We have over 175+ years starting, running and expanding restaurants and retail brands.

                                Tom Kelley
                                Managing Partner
                                Concept Branding Group
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                                  totogo Wayfarer
                                  Check out this great resource to help you...Pizza Magazine Quarterly (PMQ) -The Pizza Industry's Business Resource.



                                  Lots of info there to help you get started...they have marketing information...a recipe bank...even Pizza TV and Pizza Radio!.

                                  I hope this helps you and best of luck...long live entrepreneurs!!!

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                                    fj8706 Newbie
                                    rontowns25. I just want to know if you ever started the pizza business . I have the same passion as yours. I have never worked at a pizza restaurant before but I do have a lot of experience in running small business. In early June, I plan to attend a pizza making training school for a full 7 days. Do you think I would have enough knowledge to make a good pizza?
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                                      DeanMalibu Adventurer
                                      OK OK...since I have done sooooooooo much research in this area here is what I know....first off
                                      buy the bread makers bible...bread and crust...take the same skill
                                      wood burning saves money...also a more distinct flavor
                                      your sauce...make it your self...DO NOT BUY CANNED SAUCE
                                      BEST LOCATION outside of military base...and if you get this location...if...take direct deposit
                                      let military float until pay day....they will spend their pay checks at your establishment
                                      also...TALK TO OTHER PIZZA OWNERS ONLINE
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                                        thriftyfund Wayfarer

                                        I am in contact with a direct lender who can provide with financing to start your business, at an interest rate of 5-7% and a closing of 7-14 days. Your credit history is insignificant. Simply send an email to
                                        They will get back to you promptly.
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                                          ABOFFA Newbie

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                                              atarifa Newbie

                                              Hello there friend.

                                              I am willing to start a pizza place.
                                              I have some questions about what to and where to buy the key things, to start runnig the business,
                                              like oven, dishes, furniture, ingredients.

                                              Could you give me a clue ?

                                              Thank you for your time.


                                              Andre Tarifa

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                                                  pizzalifer29 Newbie

                                                  hello first all these postings in here all these people in here all if you noticed have the same amount of experience the famous 20 years or even 30 lol bla bla when im asked hey wow this is delicous how long have been cooking pizza and pastas i respond with my birth day why haha lol well i was born in the bronx raised in brooklyn my mom was the first pizzeria on broadway in manhattan across from the towers she was workin while i was in her belly i was born at 1:11 am meaqns we were closed at the time so around 830 in the morning my mom realized hey no1 can open the pizzeria so she wrapped me up and off we went to work well we get there and my mom realizes omg i dont have a crib so she look's and see's bang a mozzarella cheese box yup you quessed it that was my crib for 3 days until a asian guy from canal st sold my mom a play pin so now what do you think my toys were lololol haha try plastic salamis,provolone cheese,and pepperoni molds with of course pizza boxs the clay ones ofcourse ha back then it was red and white bakery string and a clay box chesse lol there were only 2 kinds fresh or reg mozz cheese so 7 days a week since i was born schools was a time off from the pizza biz lol str8 from school to the shop remember i am first generation american so my mom was a immegrant that means she trusted no1 i mean no1 to watch me and dont forget in the place we sold tripe marsala veal marsala eggplant boccacio fuggettabarit so anyways no baby sitter ever in my life no cartoons no video games no bicycles no friends except for the food shake downs guys sons if you know what i mean so any ways my corner was between the can opener table and the hobart mixer my dreams are always about the blodgett pizza ovens doors slammin open and shut and the mixer goin uwm uwm uwm uwm uwm and hearing thanka you so mucha hava da nica day i can build a 5000 square foot italian restaurant for 30,000 dollars from scratch my self and one helper not a single contractor except for the pepsi fountain guy and the diswasher machine company with only four bare walls i hung my own exhaust hood and wired it with sunbelt tool rental lifts i rented and a great auction place were i bought ovens for 800 dollars that are excellent so listen be cheap be smart work 8 days a week never take a day off my mom is very rite this is our life in the pizza bizz always keep every thing fresh daily nothing frozen or dried and love your customers and be thank full and great full to them and money will pay off and dont forget ofcourse you make alot of money you work 7 days a week open to close you never have time to spend the money lol so email me with questions at
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                                                jemoda Newbie
                                                I realize this thread is a bit old, but I just found it so I'm hoping I can rekindle some thoughts. I've read everything that has been posted to date, and have taken it all in. My situation is a bit different, as my pizza is specifically for those with gluten intolerance in my area. There are a few establishments that are serving gluten free pizzas around, but only in addition to regular pizzas. I've tried them all, and quite frankly they suck. The one I make I've served to people who aren't gluten intolerant and they haven't had a clue of what they are eating and said it's the best pizza they've ever eaten. So the recipe that I have is tried and true. We've taken it to party after party and it's been devoured.

                                                There is a strictly gluten free bakery in my area that is doing amazingly well. I actually thought of starting a delivery only pizza bus. out of my home until I have a feel for how well it might do. (Dedicated basement kitchen/inspection/licensing) As far as marketing-advertising locally is easy, as well as live sampling in our local commercial districts and any establishments (like grocery stores that carry gluten free products) that would not feel threatened if I simply hype up the gluten free piece and the fact that people with intolerances should have options as well.

                                                I'm already working full time so I have no clue how I would even BEGIN to accomplish any of this. But it's really nagging at me, and this little voice is tell me that it might be worth a try. The ideas are one thing. How do you really START? Can you REALLY get small business loans when you are tapped out? I'd love any words of wisdom, because I already know I have an amazing product/recipe-I just don't know how to get it from there. Literally.
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                                                  Hi Ron,

                                                  How's the pizza business doing?
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                                                      tbryson Newbie
                                                      Ive noticved most pizza places are not taking advantage of the internet. Do a search for "pizza + your city". In my town I only see the big boys doing their thing. Dominoes, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut.

                                                      Its easy to beat these guys. First start with getting a high ranking in Google Maps. Submit to and this will lay the foundation to getting your map optimized. Then get reviews. ..... lots and lots of reviews.

                                                      Its that simple.

                                                      yeah... is my site.... but it works.

                                                      If you ever get a chance check out the local search ecosystem. This is the model we designed our service after.
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                                                      directconect Adventurer
                                                      Starting Your Own Pizza Business Is A Great Idea, Pizza Always Sales. When You Want To Obtain Funding You Will Have No Problem As Long As Your Business Credit File Is Built Right. You Have To Look Around You At The Businesses That Are Making It Today, Those Are The Types Of Business They Want To Loan Money To, Believe It Or Not Pizza Is One Of Them. You Need To Start By Making A Great Business Plan And Include A Good Business Location With This. Then Incorporate, Then Build Your Business Credit File, Then Obtain Dun Number & Your Dnb Self Monitor. Then Make Sure To Do Your Company Financials and Fax Them To Dun Bradstreet. Get Your Small Business Trade Lines At Uline,Office Depot, Staples Online Ect ! Then See Bob Loman To Help Get Your Larger Business Trade Lines At He Will Also Get You Your Business Loan. Contact Him About Other Services At Any Information You Need Can Be Found On These Links.

                                                      Good Luck

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                                                        telsmore Adventurer
                                                        I have written business plans for other pizza startups. Contact me ta if you need assistance.