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    faroff Newbie
      There are many on here looking for unsecured business lines of credit,etc., actually including myself.
      However with every post there are several posters all claiming to be of service,and some plugging there
      services. My question is has anyone on here looking for a business loan/LOC actually used any of the
      services that have been posted here. If so is it possible to list any positive or negative experiences.

      Also Luckiest, no need to ask your same generic questions....just curious do you actually help anyone
      on here or just continuously post the same questions? No disrespect, just curious if you can actually be
      of help. Thank you.
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          dtominus Wayfarer
          I have , I`m an agent , that provides unsecured business cash advance, invoice cash advance
          and full doc loans, I donot charge upfront fee`s , If you run accross this ? dont apply to them,
          You shouldnt have to pay up front for a application! I` have helped others from this site, some
          I couldnt , depends on the situation , Here is the website of the services that are offerd , If I
          Can Help , Please call me ,


          David Tominus

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              teachmath Newbie
              I am a math teacher and I want to start a tutoring franchise through mathnasium. They have a very good system in place and I think it would be a great help to those students who need that additional help. It would cost around $250,000 to get it up and running for a couple of years to get it established. dtomus, does your company offer anything that could help get this off the ground and running? Do you work for two different companies? I noticed a different company name in the post than what is in your profile, just curious. Thanks.
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              madereal Wayfarer


              LOAN ADVISOR
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                shadylady Newbie
                Just joined yesterday, noticed the same thing....Searching for 120,000.00 loan/financing for purchase of a great business. Personal and Business numbers are all good. The business income is set to double, triple, etc. Only in business 2 years so SBA lenders won't touch it. I don't want to waste my timeapplying for loans with outrageous rates. Any input would be appreciated!

                Thank you.
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                    dtominus Wayfarer
                    What is your fico score, how much did your business gross the last two years, what type of business
                    are you in , what form of payments do you accept for your product/service.....




                    David Tominus
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                    faroff Newbie
                    Again many company reps stating to call or email them,etc. There are several posts on here every day still
                    looking for business loans, preferably unsecured. You reps please give us more details. Do you just get
                    clients business credit cards?? Yes they're unsecured yet you have to pg them. Come on give us more.
                    I have impeccable personal credit yet local banks want everything secured. I have property,assets, but
                    honestly do not feel like pledging my hard earned properties. If there are actual unsecured generous loans
                    or lines of credit out there and not just credit cards, give us more details. And please not these companies
                    that for ridiculous fees will "build you business credit" by establishing tradelines from companies such as
                    Staples, Office Depot, and various gas companies, all for $2500.00 and even more!!! Please. Come on,are
                    there any brokers that can really work with a bank and get you an unsecured business line of credit???
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                      LUCKIEST Guide
                      Curious, Welcome an yes good questions

                      Not only myself, but many others who post are all asking the same question
                      "My question is has anyone on here looking for a business loan/LOC actually used any of the
                      services that have been posted here. If so is it possible to list any positive or negative experiences."

                      As far as your second question, YES I do actual help. (Not all,) I pick and choose based on
                      their wants, their business, their locations and the chance of getting repaid.
                      I also look at their business plans and or tax returns
                      AND YES it is up to them to follow up with SCORE (which is also a FREE help)

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                          Iwrite Pioneer
                          If we all listen to what Luckiest just said we would realize that there are folks out here that are willing and able to help, but they are not going to help those who:
                          • Do not have their stuff together
                          • Haven't done all they can to get help other than money
                          • Try to be secretive while requesting information from others
                          • Want money but no advice or seem unwilling to listen
                          • Have no business plan
                          It is one thing to ask for help, but it is another to be willing to accept it. Most investors are not going to give you money and not want to give you advice - so trying to dictate what the conversation is going to be about only shows an unwillingness to work with someone.

                          How do you think the people with the money made their money?

                          They ran successful businesses - you could come a way a lot richer if you would listen more.

                          People looking to invest are going to ask questions and want to know what you have tried? I think a lot of folks are missing opportunities because they aren't seeing what is in front of them. There are at least 3 people who invest that are on this site, but they aren't going to scream it. I AM NOT ONE OF THEM! LOL
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                              LUCKIEST Guide

                              Iwrite, We can make a great team. You good cop, Me bad cop or
                              I can dig deep (like a surgeon)and get info, until it hurts and you can sew them back up
                              with your style of journalism.
                              Thanks for the kind words, LUCKIEST
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                                  Iwrite Pioneer
                                  No problem. I thought I was "bad cop!"

                                  I really want people to get help but it feels like we have forgotten how to ask for help. I am not talking about begging or stripping people of their dignity. I am talking about the tone and selection of our words in the request. Both it works both ways. I wonder if people will talk this way to potential investors, how are they talking to customers and how long can they stay in business treating people like this?

                                  I try to stay away from these posts because I don't have money to lend or invest, and folks aren't interested in anything other than money - advice and ideas will not help them. They have tried and done it all. Then money will always be the problem.

                                  Luckiest, you don't need to see their business plans and tax information to see how their business is run or doing - listen to their words and how they talk to people they need help from.

                                  Keep digging deep.


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                                      LUCKIEST Guide
                                      Iwrite, Can't tell you how many people come into SCORE for counseling expecting us to open a check book and write them a check. As you know SCORE can give great advice but has NO funds and no checkbook.
                                      Again you are correct, don't really need to see their business plans or tax info, but it separates those that dream from those who really need help.

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                                countryboy Wayfarer
                                Geeeeeeeeeeeee money dose make the world go rounld.