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    internet domain name portfolio

    texrex Newbie
      Do you work with, or have you worked with, internet domain name portfolios?

      I have acquired a number of valuable internet domain names, some
      generic/brandable in a particular service industry and others simply
      brandable domain names. I believe these domains names will be
      increasing dramatically in value in the years to come. I am considering
      developing some of the domain names, but their primary value to me at
      this point is simple appreciation.

      Because I have used personal finances to acquire these names and
      assemble this portfolio, I am now looking to reduce some of the
      personal financial burden by bringing in investors, or taking out a low
      interest loan for which I am willing to place the domain names as

      The portfolio is held by a holding corporation that is owned 100% by me.

      If anyone is interested in finding out more, please could you provide
      me with some information regarding your experience in this growing
      niche industry and what interest you may have in investing or making a
      secured loan to my company.

      Thanks a lot,