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    Building materials retail?

    st8ic88 Newbie
      Hi guys,

      I just this month started a company with the intent to supply building materials (i.e flooring, decking, roofing, siding, stone, etc.) to business clients. Obviously the issue is the mammoth retail chains like Lowes and Home Depot. How can I attract contractor and construction clients when I can't offer the wide selection of products that a multi-billion dollar chain can? Does anybody have any experience in this sector?

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          snipperred Scout
          Yes I have direct experience. This is one of the most competitive industries out there. How flexible are you to adapt your business?

          My answer is- It is about service, quality, cost, selection, and installation. The selection doesn't have to be extensive- it just has to be outstanding. You need to be attentive to and connected to the specific markets who will want your lines- typically have a concentrated selection by home investment level. You just have to do it better than the competition. Then builders and homeowners will want to come to you. More business and better terms is sufficient to attract contractors.

          Hope that answers your question.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Building materials retail?? Welcome and Hi.

            *Good luck in your new business. Good answer from snipperred.*<br /<br />*Tell me more about why you started this new company * *to supply building materials??*<br /<br />Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan??

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