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    Need help opening a USA bank account

    firsttrading Newbie

      I live in the UK and have started designing my own websites in preperation for starting to retail online. Problem is this, i mainly deal with USA currency, my wholesalers are mainly based in USA, i also have lots of existing customers (via ebay) based in USA. If i could keep an account in America it would make life a whole lot easier for me................problem is how do i open an account...? is it possible...?

      Also it would be interesting to learn if i could open an account would funding be possible for stock.

      Any help or advice is very much appreciated. Also my website is:

      Kind regards.
      Andy Wood.
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          snipperred Scout
          If you have trouble opening an account, I bet you could find a business partner or product line broker in the U.S. to work with you. Of course, in these matters, integrity has to dictate the transaction arrangements. This type proposition to open an account often accompanies scams. You might research some international banks or companies on your end that do trade in the U.S. Do you produce your figures or just distribute?

          How flexible is your business to adapt?
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            MsLili Wayfarer
            Why don't you speak with HSBC Bank's options? Just a suggestion and I haven't investigated it, but you could ask HSBC if they're willing to help you get an American-based account. HSBC is found worldwide, which is why I'm suggesting this. Please let me know if you find out how an American could get an account in Europe.

            (You could find me on my website.)
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                firsttrading Newbie

                Hi, will do just that, i'll have to have a word with the big banks from here in the UK. Usually the bank charges are sky high for this type of serive.

                To open an account over here you are going to need proof of address, very easy to get around really.
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                    firsttrading Newbie
                    Forgot to add, i'm not a scammer. i'm constructing a website as we speak and wish to wholesale and retail all mannor of things but mostly centered around action figures and game related stuff.

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                        MsLili Wayfarer
                        You do have an interesting website. I did take a look around a bit, and could definitely understand why USA is your main market. One suggestion I do have is Paypal - I know they take a lot of money out and all, but see if it's worth it for you. I think you could convert your money there, as well.

                        About what you said earlier, wouldn't I need an address in that country? I live in the US and only have an address there. However, I might go to Europe for about a year and am interested in finding a place for my money.

                        I do have an idea about how to help you, but it's very pre-mature and just came to me while typing. Let me see how my idea works out, and then I'll let you know. I know you're probably very curious, but hold tight on that thought....I don't spill so easily, especially if it's in this stage. Just stay posted...

                        By the way, you could definitely leverage that website to make even more money. Just take a stroll through the internet to give you some ideas. ;)
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                    webmasters Adventurer
           has several payment gateway modules. Have you ever considered Paypal or Google checkout. They both work very well.

                    Hope this helps.