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      Double, TRIPLE $'s almost Immediately. Collateral Secured by Product Inventories and Receivables. 50 - 60 K necessary for wholesale/ retail company. Contact Livia (@ 239-699-3367 for details or any information pertinent.
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          Sounds good, will contact Livia
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              Hello, My name is Livia, and I saw your reply you left on behalf of the ad that we had placed on here. Could I please get your entire name? Number to reach you at? And an address to mail product lists to?

              Let me tell you a little about what we do. We buy wholesale products that are unclaimed and leftovers at virtually every port in the US. We have a network of continuous shipments and we will be warehousing those in various spots around the US, with the main offices in Tampa. At this time we have thousands of items being inventoried and we are looking for a 100,000 + dollar investor.....that would choose from all the product we have, at a price much less then wholesale, for instance we have 600,000 pieces of cell phone accesories, that the less expensive item in these pieces are the head fones that now are mandatory by california law; cell phone batteries, chargers, ect. We would offer those to you for $1.00 each item, and they would wholesale for 3 to 4 dollars, that would be your return. We could offer and arrange to sell them for you as we have buyers and are setting up a website. We have 100's of other products that you can choose other then the cell phone accesories. We would be happy to meet with you and show you our inventory list, reciepts and other legal and accounting papers, once the inventory is complete. And should you be interested after that, we would give you a one time offer to recieve any products we recieve in the future at our cost plus 10% and freight , which would be way under wholesale. And we would assist you in selling those or do it completely for a commission. This as you know would be an ongoing income. This all could possibly double or triple your money very quickly via the selling of wholesale markups.


              I look forward to future correspondence.