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    Blogging does not work....

    rontowns25 Adventurer
      I'm just kidding. Blogging is a fantastic way to drive traffic. Here are my tips. You can check out here for more answer...

      1. Know why you are blogging.
      Why do you have a blog? Who is your audience? How does the blog fit into your
      marketing mix? There are any number of valid reasons to launch and maintain a
      blog. The only "wrong" reason is "everybody else is doing it."
      2. Select the right theme.
      Selection of theme is important to maximize appeal to your target audience.
      Consider a theme that showcases your expertise and that will allow you to share
      useful knowledge with your readers.
      3. Write like you talk.
      A blog is not a brochure, nor a web site, nor an article. It's more of a "chat
      on paper." Write the way you talk, let the reader get to know you. If you have
      trouble getting the hang of this, record yourself first and then transcribe
      what you said. Don't be afraid to use creative punctuation to simulate the way
      the ideas would come out if spoken.
      4. Write for the way people read.
      Studies have shown that shorter entries grab more attention than longer ones.
      Also, people tend to scan copy, so keep your content simple, use bullet points,
      and focus on only one topic per post.
      5. Use keywords often.
      Using keywords will help you stick with the subject and your search engine
      rankings will go up. This is one of the reasons to know why you are blogging:
      the clearer your purpose, the more consistent and on target your messages will
      6. *Mix things up to keep it interesting
      for your readers.*
      Vary your approach from post to post. Be journalistic ("just the facts")
      sometimes, get opinionated sometimes. Write funny posts along with serious
      ones. Introduce ideas that run counter to your own and then address them.
      Include photos or graphics with entries to improve visual appeal.
      7. Pay attention to your titles.
      Before publishing a post, go back and consider your title. A good title draws a
      reader into your post. Keep titles short and descriptive, and if possible
      include key words that your target readers are likely to search on.
      8. Establish a rhythm.
      Blog readers expect frequent updates. While you don't necessarily need to post
      every day, you should find some rhythm that works for you and stick with it.
      Try to post at least three times per week.
      9. Link often.
      Include web links to related material in your posts. This builds credibility
      and positions you as an expert. Linking to other blogs and websites also helps
      you build a network of associates who will in turn link to your blog.

      here for more info...