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    Unleashing Your Inner-Genius

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      1. Believe in your own genius.
      We're all geniuses, but not everybody believes it. That lack of belief can
      easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you're sure you're not a genius,
      you'll probably be right. But if you think you might be a genius, you have a
      much greater chance of actualizing your potential.

      We're all born with genius, Gelb says. Most of us learn to walk, talk,
      understand complex social structures, and identify a range of objects and
      phenomenon at a very early age. If you put a child in a home where people speak
      three languages, that child will learn all three with no problem. Then the
      child goes to school and gets the message that getting the right answer is more
      important than continuing to learn, explore, and play. When a little child
      says, "Teacher, teacher, I have an idea!" and comes out with an original,
      creative, off-the-wall idea, the overworked teacher typically says, "That's a
      silly idea," and the other kids in the class all laugh. What lesson does that
      child learn? Never, ever do that again.

      Glenn Doman, the pioneer of working with brain-damaged children, says that
      every child is born with the genius potential of a Leonardo da Vinci but we go
      about de-geniusing them. Don't let that happen to you or your children. Don't
      buy into any belief that robs you of your genius potential.

      *2. Apply the "Seven da Vinci Principles" and unleash your inner
      After studying da Vinci and his work, Gelb identified seven principles that
      all of us can use for tapping into our innate genius.

      Curiosità: Be curious about everything around you.

      Dimostrazione: Demonstrate things through your own experience. Think for

      Sensazione: Sharpen your senses (this is the secret to enjoying life and
      savoring every sensation).

      Sfumato: Be open to the unknown and willing to embrace uncertainty.

      Arte/Scienza: Balance art and science, logic and imagination. Leonardo said,
      "Study the science of art and the art of science."

      Corporalita: Balance your mind and body. In addition to being an artistic
      and scientific genius, Leonardo was physically gifted. He emphasized the
      importance of diet and positive attitude, and the effect of that positive
      attitude on health and well-being.

      Connessione: Realize that everything connects to everything else. Look for
      ways to transfer your knowledge from one area to another.

      To be a genius like da Vinci, let your mind be alive with curiosity, then
      think things through in an original and open way by sharpening your senses,
      embracing the unknown that emerges before you, using logic and imagination
      together to solve problems, generating tremendous physical energy through the
      integration of your body and mind, and then making new connections.

      3. Use evolutionary thinking to create a great business climate.
      Before formulating the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin took a five-year
      ocean voyage around the world. As he sailed, Darwin kept an open mind and paid attention
      to what he saw. The details he sketched in his notebook began to support a
      notion that was very different from the one he had preconceived. Meanwhile,
      FitzRoy, the ship's captain, wouldn't even look around because he didn't want
      to see anything that didn't fit his preconceptions. After the voyage, Darwin spent 16 years
      questioning and thinking about what he had seen-and then he published The
      Origin of Species.

      Just as every organization has its open-minded Darwins and close-minded
      FitzRoys, every one of us has own inner FitzRoy and Darwin. Ask yourself,
      "What's the balance between the two? How can I free myself from Fitzrovian
      limitations and open my mind to new possibilities?"

      4. Create a dream team of geniuses.
      To recruit and hire the very best people, start by answering some simple
      questions like, "What do I want? What do I not want? What are my criteria?"
      Write down the criteria, then come up with powerful interview questions to
      ascertain whether those criteria would be manifested in a given candidate.


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