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    the new iphone?

    MetroGal Adventurer

      I heard that the new iphone is out in stores today. Just wondering if people know what new features it has? Also, can I go to any provider or am I stuck with AT&T? Anyone going to get one?
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          Iwrite Pioneer
          I am thinking about it. It has GPS (full-time) and is faster when it comes to surfing the web. It is also more compatible to business email systems, which was a major flaw. Now it can synch to most of the more commonly used email programs. The biggest improvement is the drop in the price!!

          A lot of people I work with have it and love the things it can do. I carry a MacBook Pro (laptop) so most they will talk to each other with very few problems.

          I am a Mac person, it is what the adverting industry has been using for years, so consider my opinion slanted.