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    Anyone have advice on opening an Art Gallery, investors,etc?

    jsbenjamin Newbie
      Hello, I am a free-lance artist. I have worked in some art galleries, sales, and in hospitality services for nine years now. I have always dreamed of operating my own art gallery - activating my personal passion for art in connection with reminding the public of how important the art culture is to our humanity. Then to open up others with a business plan similar to Martin Lawrence Galleries. I personally know several successful artists such as Wess Mills, Clyde Aspevig, Kirsten Moran, Eric S. Carlson, and Randall LaGro, just to name a few. All have offered to display their art work in my potential art gallery. It has always fascinated me how some people are driven to financially invest more money into a single piece of art than what others will earn in income over a lifetime. My credit is low. I've been told it will cost me $40,000 to start up. If anyone can offer me advice on how to find an investor, or how to go about corporate credit with low personal credit etc. I am open to all advice - both qualitative and quantitative.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          **Advice on opening an Art Gallery, Welcome<br /<br />Dreams can become real. Start at the beginning. Develop a Business and Marketing Plan.

          Then dream up a Business Name??, Next contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE.

          *Thanks for sharing "For those who do not understand how profit is earned by operating an
          art gallery: If a painting sells for $40,000 the sale is split 50/50.
          That's $20,000 for the artist and $20,000 for the gallery".*

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            My first suggestion would be to amend your business plan -- if you don't have $40K to launch the gallery and don't have good personal credit, it will be much easier to come up with a different start-up plan than to come up with $40K.

            Art galleries have been opened with almost no seed capital, and they've been opened with millions in seed capital. After all, it's not like a franchise where there's only one proven way to do it, and if you don't have that much money, then forget it. You can open a more modest gallery, and then use that to move toward your ultimate vision. For example, I know a successful artist whose first "gallery" was the storefront windows of the vacant shops in a mall. Zero cost (the mall manager figured having original artwork in the windows of empty stores was classier than covering the windows in craft paper -- and the art made people walk slower and browse longer). The artist sold a couple of works, got a good deal on space (in the same mall) and has a very nice gallery there now.

            Think of your business plan as fine art, not paint-by-numbers (why look for the "40K" color and slap that between lines that someone else drew, when you can work with the media and resources you have available to create something unique?).

            Good luck!
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                marykay Newbie

                I am working on starting a gallery with very little money and had come across many who suggested I delay the project launch due to the little financial resources I have. Your article has helped motivate me to go one. I have been dreaming about this venture for too long and feel I might never have enough money to start. Working with the little that I have has allowed me to believe that where there is a will there will be a way, so far.

                Thank you.