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    Entertainment funding

    Epistemology Newbie

      I am a Inde movie producer, looking for funding at large amout for the company. Anyone involved with entertainment funding such as venture capatalist etc can respond to this. ROI will be about 20-25% once the movie is sold to the distributor. If interested contact me or let me know either way via email Thank you
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Entertainment funding, Welcome, Like you, I have been in the entertainment business
          of producing movies and videos.
          Please tell me more about you, your background, Where you are located and
          your future plans.

          Thank you, LUCKIEST
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              Epistemology Newbie
              Hello, Luckiest,

              I am in Ontario CA areas. Good to know you are in the same profession. We could certainly communicate on the phone as well. In the meantime, please check out my website:

              I have three projects on my plate. One of the projects will be made in two different languages. One for Hollywood and one for Bollywood. The one in Hollywood is designed for Hawaii and the second could be done in MA from Bollywood.
              Let me know once you check out my website. Thanks