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    Has a customer ever given you a bad check?

    amspcs Ranger
      No matter how cautious you are - it's inevitable - you or your business is going to get burned by a Non
      Sufficient Funds check sooner or later. What are your choices on how to deal with it?

      1. You could stop accepting checks altogether. The problem here is when you stop accepting all checks
      you avoid the good ones along with the bad ones. Turning away good business is never a good idea.

      2. You could sign up for check guarantee services. For some businesses, this makes sense. For others,
      they find the fees for this service approaches or exceeds the cost of eating bad checks what with the
      discount percentages, per item fees, signup fees, and costs of check readers and scanners.

      3. You could hire a conventional collection agency. And pay 35% or more of the face value of the checks
      they manage to collect. Ouch!

      Here's a better idea. We are associated with a firm out of Houston Texas that electronically collects NSF checks and doesn't charge the merchant one thin dime. No strings, no fees, no equipment...if they successfully collect the NSF check (which they do a lot..., they're goooooood), they reimburse the merchant 100%.

      I know, I know, nothing is free....right? Absolutely right. These folks make their money off the NSF check writer, not the merchant. Most states permit the merchant to post signage and collect fees for returned checks; you've surely seen those $25 and $35 '+if your check is returned+' notices posted at checkouts. The merchant gets paid in full, the collector gets to keep the legal fee. Perfectly legal and legitimate.

      Interested? We offer this as a value added service to our merchants and to local chamber members to which we belong, and are happy to extend the courtesy to forum participants as well. Please review the program (and others) at this website:*

      Call or email with questions.