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    Rocket Powered Goal Setting

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      Successful people are masters at setting and reaching goals. If you interact
      with people who have "made it," you will see patterns that anyone can
      apply. Here are seven goal-achieving "musts" from the "success


      Balance your goals to balance your life.

      Develop goals in six areas of life: Relationship, Spiritual, Contribution,
      Financial, Health, and Business. By pursuing goals in each area, you will
      create a more balanced and integrated life.

      1. Aim high. \\ As the now-cliched saying goes: Shoot for the stars, if you miss you'll \\ still be on the moon. Get out of your comfort zone. Make your goals \\ slightly unreasonable; in other words, don't allow your (perceived) \\ limitations to get in the way. Don't allow your old conditioning to stop \\ you from going after what you really want.
      2. Write out goals in \\ detail. \\ Just the act of writing down goals sets the process in motion, so be \\ specific. Instead of writing, say, "A new home," write "A \\ 4,500-square-foot ranch home on five acres of lakefront property with \\ vaulted ceilings, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a private boat dock." The \\ more information you include, the more probable the final result will be. \\ By being as accurate as possible you invoke some of the natural laws of \\ the universe in your favor as well as getting your brain to work for you \\ in the most efficient way possible.
      3. Make your goals \\ consistent with your values. \\ Most people don't do what they value first and therefore find themselves \\ stressed and out of alignment. Create a list of your highest values and \\ then create your goals around them. This will give you a sense of being on \\ purpose consistently.
      4. Every goal must have \\ two things: 1) A detailed plan to achieve it and 2) the right beliefs and \\ mindset. \\ You can kiss your goals goodbye without these two items. So, what do you \\ have to believe and what can you start to do immediately to move you \\ towards your goals and dreams?
      5. Review goals daily. \\ This is an important part of achieving success and must become \\ routine. Review your list of goals each morning when you wake up. \\ Visualize your completed goals and how your life looks and feels as a \\ result. Each night before you go to bed, repeat the process. This is a \\ great way to train your brain to expect your goals to materialize.
      6. Finally, don't get \\ discouraged. \\ You will either achieve your goal or the insight into whatever is in the \\ way to its achievement. This is not a setback; rather, it is part of your \\ forward progress. Stay focused on what you want to achieve and you will \\ find ways to solve difficulties or break through barriers.
      Celebrate every success and
      contextualize your accomplishments within the framework of your goals. Before
      you know it, you'll have to make a whole new list for "next level
      achievement!" Click below for more resources.