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    What do you hope to get out of this?

    Iwrite Pioneer
      "I'm confused, is your goal to own an advertising agency or be rich? They aren't the same." my friend asked me as we played pool.

      I was trying to beat him (which I didn't) and talk advertising. We do this once or twice a week. We were talking compensation and our thoughts on the various ways advertising agencies are paid. I don't know what I said to garner the question but he continued...

      "You really don't have to choose, you can do both - there's nothing wrong with that. But we are in advertising, if your real goal is to get rich, sooner or later trying to obtain that goal will make you everything you hate about advertising today. However, if your goal is to open a kick-butt agency that does great work, you will always be happy no matter what you are making because you will be free. Eight in the corner. I'm the champ!" he said.

      I hate losing.

      But I couldn't focus on that because I was thinking about his question. Him asking is his way of getting me to see that I might be headed in a direction that I don't need to go. My words have always said "advertising agency," but was there something in my actions that was saying "rich?"

      Then it hit me, lately, I have been talking about money issues more than creative. I have been distracted from my real goal. And he noticed.

      There is a question in this rambling and here it is:

      What is your real goal?
      Why are you running/opening a business?

      My goal is: to have an advertising agency that does great work that
      helps our clients grow their business, work that makes a difference.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          I can relate. I started AviaSphere because I was sick and tired of doing what I was doing it the way I was doing it.

          Serioulsy. No thought of getting rich..just making life easier.

          Riches? Who knows? We will crawl to market and see what happens.
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            MnlyTechnlgy Adventurer
            It sounds simple enough, doesn't it? There are many business owners out there who are so busy selling, networking and generating new business that, when asked this simple question, respond with what they do rather than what their goal (mission) is. This is an excellent time to do some "light housekeeping" in the way you present your business versus the way you should present your business.

            What is my real goal? I own a website development company that focuses on educating small businesses on the importance of obtaining a web presence and showing them the benefits it can have on their growth.

            Why am I in business? I have lived in Maine all my life and recognize that it has harvested many successful small businesses. I want to see them tap into new areas of growth (the internet) and develop a website that is a professional web extension of their business.

            Deb L