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    Why the Rich are the Richest - The Raw Truth

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      When you hear the term "natural born entrepreneur" what
      characteristics does it bring to mind? It is likely that you thought of
      inventive, resilient, determined, and maybe even financially savvy. Some people
      seem to just have that knack for business, they are always thinking of ways to
      turn nothing into something. The trait may be witnessed in childhood - the
      child that comes up with a marketing idea for a lemonade stand, or one that
      sets up a table to sell their old toys, or the wheeler dealer who buys and
      trades baseball cards. We see that spark, the ability to think outside of the
      box to take something average and do more. While it's true that these traits
      are consistent with an entrepreneurial spirit, we learn that to truly succeed
      you must have know and harness the power of your instincts.

      Here are the
      seven instincts that drive the way we build a business or attain success in

      Survival -the desire to maintain your
      existence, to live.
      Comfort - the desire
      to live with an experience ease.
      Territory - the desire
      to have your own space.
      Defense - the desire
      to protect what's yours.
      Hunt - the desire to
      seek and capture rewards.
      Build - the desire to
      Love - the desire to
      give and receive affection.

      Chances are
      that one of these seven instincts represents your key instinct, which drives
      the primary way that you build and run your business. Taking time to determine
      your instincts will also enable you to understand the conclusions that you have
      drawn around them. Your instincts direct your path and cause you to make
      certain choices in business and life. An introspective examination of your
      natural predilections will give you insight into the way you make decisions and
      provide you with a roadmap for future success. Andre Taylor offered the
      following tips:

      *Identify your own
      Understanding what drives you can help you to understand your strengths and
      your weaknesses. Writing or journaling is a good way to get in touch with your
      inner voice. Write down your observations, ideas, impulses, and reflections.
      This documentation will help you to review your history and analyze your
      process. Where were you successful and why? What did not lead to success and
      why? Patterns will emerge which will illuminate your key instincts, or your
      driving force.

      *Align your instincts
      and business.*
      Many entrepreneurs chose a business because of its potential to earn money,
      without examining if the business was the right vehicle for them. Are you in
      the right industry? Are you operating in an area that's comfortable for you?
      Will your business allow you to grow? Success is not as sweet if you are not
      true to yourself. When your business and instincts are aligned you will find
      greater fulfillment and success as an entrepreneur.

      *Identify the dark
      side.* Your
      natural propensity to operate according to your instincts can lead you to miss
      critical aspects in operating your business. Your instincts may be moving you
      in the wrong direction. Take time to be introspective and examine what you
      know, and what you don't know. In example, if your instinct is to build, you
      may be missing the elements needed to maintain the business.

      *Play to your
      strengths.* It
      is important to play to your natural strengths. Give your business the benefit
      of your area(s) of expertise. To be successful and happy, it is critical to
      spend time on your core competencies and delegate the rest. Recruit talented
      people or outsource to freelancers those activities that you don't enjoy doing
      or are not your core competency. You will accomplish far more in your business
      if you focus your energy in your area of strength. The danger of trying to
      fulfill all the roles in your business is that you become trapped in the
      necessities of the business rather than being able to think and act

      Your instincts
      can be harnessed to maximize your strengths, build the right team and
      synchronize your inner passion with your business choices. However, you have to
      be willing to do the work of self-examination. Assessing how you came to be
      conditioned to make certain choices will improve your ability to make
      decisions, and to be more strategic in your thinking. Most importantly, you
      will find greater fulfillment when your inner voice is in harmony with your
      work life.