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    Entertainment Collective seeks $2.5 Mill for 6 project slate

    thecollective Newbie
      The Collective is a group of three independent producers. We pooled our projects together to form a 6 project slate (2 original tv pilots and 4 feature films), and we've written a business plan looking for financing. For a $2.5 Million investment, The Collective offers investors the opportunity to Executive Produce and make a short-term investment in a six-project slate (a product), rather than a company.

      We have three projects ready to go into Pre-Production (2 original Television Pilots and one horror feature film), and three additional feature film projects in need of further development. Once funded, we will shoot and pitch the pilots and horror feature to distributors, while hiring established writers and line producers to craft and budget the remaining projects. The slate, which we aim to have completely sold to networks, studios and/or production companies within a twelve month period, features a diverse range of programming - from Television to Film, comedy to drama, action to horror, family friendly to smart adult. We believe an investor can expect the return (EP credits on all six projects & half of each of the pilot and horror project acquisition fees) within 18 months; and we anticipate no further funding for this project.

      We would like to have funding in place in July, so as to begin production in August '08. The Business Plan is available upon request.

      Thank you in advance for your consideration.