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    ACT! Database software

    amspcs Ranger
      I have an old (circa 2000) version of ACT! software with my entire database on it (several thousand names, addresses, notes, and other important account data). It is starting to mis-fire and I'd like to switch to another good database application. I've been with ACT! many years and while it's still a very good program, in my opinion it has gotten far too finicky, hard drive hungry, and complicated with every new 'update'. It's time to find a new solution. BUT....of course, I don't want to have to manually re-type all this info.

      Can anybody suggest a good dependable program to which I can import my ACT data?
      Inexpensive is good. Free is better.


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          SamNam Wayfarer
          Hi, Not sure if I am late but we have a comparable CRM called StreetSmart 7 CRM. We can export all your data from ACT and we even have a tool that can take your notes and import it into our CRM. StreetSmart CRM is a hosted CRM so you don't have to worry about hard disk space and 'updates' If you are still interested, please contact me.

          (818) 776-8080 ext 241

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            DCDirect Wayfarer
            To have a dependable / reliable solution my suggestion is to look for
            a) a solution provider which is using a good reliable product (Oracle, MySwl from SUN)
            b) a supplier which can actually perform the data migration (Old to New if changed)

            For a good product selection a new accessment on your Business requirements should be performed. (Recommend an External Consultant)

            Data migration (if required) can be outsourced to achieve a low costs $.

            Do not forget that during the last 8 years a lot have changed in the IT world.

            I suggest to have this all done locally to have a minimal cost and maximal results.
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              EliteIT Wayfarer

              Platform change can be challenging, and ACT! 2000 was a
              challenge all its own. Operating an organization on a platform not supported by
              the vendor is not a risk I would recommend and small business undertake. I
              would also avoid anything "free" - remember, software
              systems/platforms that drive business actually make us money, so budgeting and
              spending in them should be viewed as strategic investments, not just
              "another IT cost."

              Did you know that the current version of ACT! 2009 is MS SQL based and offers a
              complete migration path from previous versions? Also, it works perfectly on SQL
              Express, so you don't need to license a full blown SQL Server (back-end database
              software). We work with a great *+Certified +*ACT consultant
              who has been around long enough to have used Act from its very early days and
              can help you to migrate, complete with training on the new version if youd
              like. .

              Let me know if interested, and we can get you in touch.

              Elite Technology Advisors Group, Inc.
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                socalbits Wayfarer
                Hi there!

                I would recommend This is a great web-based solution (so no installing of any programs to your local computer) and from what i've gather when i talk to them, they can assist with the importing of your ACT database into their CRM solution and go from there. Other companies I know that use it, love the way it works, really love it being web-based and are glad to get rid of the headaches that ACT was bring into the company towards the end.

                From personal experience, i've installed ACT (latest version from mid 2007 to now) and have had nothing but headaches with each installation. If it wasn't one thing, it was another; either on the client side or the server side because of the resources the newer version use (MS SQL engine).

                Check out or I can forward a contact to you if you are in California