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    Needed Advise for Starting up a New Business

    prosperity71 Newbie
      At this current time I am a mobile notary in the state of Texas (Houston that is), I am also working for a Financial company processing home loans (of course the mortgage industry is under trial and error; I got into this before all of the mortgage madness), and I have my eye sight set on buying this building which once was a child care facility that I would like to keep it the same. I have found it to be hard getting funding when you do not have a credit score of 700+.

      They say that there are banks willing to help Women Business Owners but where?

      I was let go of my job in Corporate America in Dec.2007 and have since been working for my self. With the down-sizing of the company I was once with, it cause my household to go through financial hardship and now we are at a one income household even with me working for my self. I would love to help my husband out and bring home an income as well. The mobile notary income is not consistent as well as the home loan processing. I am sure with the child care service (to which is my passion) I can make it. I am also in school finishing up my Bachelors degree Psychology. If I do not get help soon I will be needing my own services.

      Work from home mom distress is where I am now and I need some advise as to how I can find the funding to get my dream off the ground?