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    Search out for an Angel Investor

    ShowService Wayfarer
      Does ANYONE have a recommendation on where to search out an Angel Investor? As useful as this site is to ask questions and get answers to problems, it hasnt listed anything for Angel Investors or how we can access them and what the probability is of really finding one...Seems everyone on here asks for the information as to a business plan, etc, but thats as far as it gets...

      Has anyone had success in doing a start-up with an investor? If so, can you enlighten me? Email me at


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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Search for an Angel Investor. I think that this is a great web site to search for an Angel Investor.
          I am not an Angel Investor, and have been criticized for suggesting Angel investors in the past.
          Have you tried Googling "Angel Investors"?? Have you gone back 3 or 4 months??
          As a SCORE Counselor I can tell you that, Yes a Business Plan is one of the first items the lender or
          investor will want to see. The Bus Plan serves as a tool and you are looking for MONEY so yes you
          have to play by their rules.