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    AngeInvestment/Loan Needed for Business Expansion $300-$350k

    fdctx1 Newbie
      We are an importer/wholesaler for Seasonal decor products that open the office in Arlington, Texas almost 4 years ago. Our products such as garden decor, Halloween/Christmas Indoor/Outdoor Decor, and Solar Lighting. We are currently selling from small to major retailers in US and Canada. We are selling from small gift shops until Wal-Mart Stores. As you know the small gift shops business are not doing well for these past 2 years and it really effected our business greatly as we have better margin by selling it to them. Our major retailers business are doing great but the margin is not so good. We would like to strengthened our business to small gift shops again by providing unique products but in order to do it we need more capital. We imports most of our products from China and we would like to import from some other countries. We need to use the fund to get new products, hore the workers for our office, build the new manufacturing equipment. We have a very strong sales force in the US as our sales keeps growing by at least 30%/year. I am not a US citizen, we are here under E-2 Investor Visa and we are in the process of the green card which we will get it by the end of 2009. My credit scores is 667, and we have used up our credit pretty heavily recently to make the company running. I am willing to give up 25% of the shares for the amount of money that I am looking for or the loan with interest rate of 12% guaranteed return. We have invested about $750k so far, and we are expected to have the sales for 2009 for $3.5 Million. Our sales this year is $2.5 Million.

      We are looking for angel investor or any small business loan that can work.