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    Looking to aquire a 10k loan

    2350mcrd Newbie
      I just started a small computer business in Leesburg Fl. I am looking for a 10k loan to buy more equipment to put on the market.
      I started the business with 2k. The business is growing fast. The money is coming in based on a 12 month period. I have growth opportunity but no capital to back it up at this time. The business is based on 3 stages. 1: The rental program, gives people the opportunity to pay wkly, b-wkly, or mthly. 2: Retail sales through storefront and internet. 3: Repair and upgrade services. There is a demand for new products such as big screen tv's, laptops, and surround sound systems. This is why I would like to get a loan. I want to put these products out there.

      If anyone can help please let me know.