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    *NEW* OneClickDaily startup for Rated Advertising!

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      Greetings! I'm the new guy here, so let me start off by introducing myself and what I've been working on. It's called, a new website for rating advertisements. Here's a Press Release I just wrote today:

      Student Aims to Change Ad Perceptions with Website for Rating Online Billboards

      +Internet pop-ups and flashing banner ads may soon be a memory of the
      past. Nineteen-year-old Chicago area resident and University of
      Illinois student, Greg Swenson, is on a mission to change the way
      people perceive and interact with online advertisements.+

      +While not studying for his mechanical engineering classes or learning
      to speak Mandarin, Swenson is developing his online business, "This concept of rated advertising gives advertisers
      and consumers an opportunity to mutually benefit each other. Consumers
      rate the ads and leave feedback about what they do or don't like, and
      in turn advertisers are likely to offer something more useful the next

      +"It's more than just about companies advertising," remarks Swenson,
      "advertising can really be a service for customers. But so far the
      Internet has come up short in doing this effectively." launched their first paid online billboards on June
      8th. Billboard spaces can be purchased through an online eBay auction.
      Every day a new featured billboard is displayed on the OneClickDaily

      +Swenson first developed the idea for the website over the winter
      holiday while trying to find a way to help pay for college. Swenson
      partnered with a local computer science student, Chris Cizek, to write
      the website coding, and he is now looking for additional talent and
      investors to undertake a large-scale website expansion.+

      +Swenson describes the expanded website as a place that will be both
      visually appealing and accessible to everyone. "High-visibility
      advertising has long been dominated by the large corporations who can
      afford it. Rated advertising gives any business who offers a quality
      product or service a chance to make it to the top." Small businesses in
      particular will profit from this concept since their promotional needs
      tend to outweigh available resources.+

      +According to market forecaster,, worldwide spending on internet
      advertising will increase from $65.2 billion this year to $106.6
      billion in 2012.+

      +OneClickDaily was recently nominated as a top-nine internet startup on VenCorps will award $50,000 to one startup, funded by
      multi-billion dollar venture capitalist firm, Spencer Trask.+

      Swenson will continue growing his business while studying abroad at National Taiwan University this fall.


      Please let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions! (Or if
      you have interest in promoting YOUR business for a couple bucks on
      OneClickDaily, head over to our auctions page).

      Best regards,