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    MyWirelessNews - A New Wireless Dotcom Is Launching

    chrisblanks Adventurer

      Hi Small Business Online Community readers,

      Click on the link below and take a look at this new Wireless Company that has exceeded over 100,000 new visitors to its website in less than 30 days. This company is launching its very own Wireless Service Nationwide and is going to pay US when someone pays their cell phone bill. Everyone we know has a cell phone. But no one we know gets paid when someone else uses their cell phone.

      This is the simplest conversation we will ever have. Do you have a cell phone? (YES). Do you get paid when you pay your cell phone bill? (NO). Would you like to get paid when you pay your cell phone bill? (YES).

      Visit my personal news site and watch the Slide Show first, then listen to the Audio. You can enroll for free today. You have nothing to lose.

      I saw this happen once before. In the 90s, a company grew faster than Microsoft with a business model like this and they were marketing long distance service. Some people made millions. I never thought anyone would ever crack that code and offer Wireless in this same manner. For over 20 years, only the big companies have been making money on Wireless Bills. There are over 250 million customers in the U.S. with Wireless Service and NONE of them get paid to use it today. If we can capture just 1% of those customers, we could earn over $100,000 per month when they simply pay a bill they are already paying today.

      Talk to you soon,

      Chris Blanks