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    Help Building a web site

    LEX_08 Wayfarer
      I am just starting out but i need to know about how to find a host and domain name etc. and also basically everything involved i want to do an wide range of things just reaching out for resources mainly
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Help Building a web site

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          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            webprogrammer Newbie
            I recommend going to to acquire a domain. You can search for available domain names and get set up for about $10 per yr.

            Once the domain is setup, you can setup email accts with your domain name - much more professional than using a yahoo or aol email address. I believe each domain comes with 1 free email address, but of course you can pay to add more. Godaddy has an web-based email site that allows you to check your email - I prefer this because it gives me access to my email regardless of what pc I am using.

            Also with the domain setup, you get a hosting acct for a website. You can set it up to be on a Windows server or Linux server. Which one to choose depends on what you need the website to perform. In either case, you can set up a website that will be broadcast your webpage(s) to the web.

            The difference is based on the backend. For example, if you want to do ftp thru your website, I would recommend Linux. This allows you to setup subdomains for your domain (,,, etc.) with separate passwords for access for each customer. This is a great solution if you do specialized work for different customers to download ( why would you want this? Well, emailing large attachments are becoming increasing more difficult to do because of limits from providers or spam filters). The backend allows for a MySQL database.

            If you prefer to use an Access or SQL Server database on the backend, you would then need the WIndows server.

            If all you want to do is establish a webpage, without access to any data, then either are acceptable. It all depends upon what your short term and long term goals are.

            You can accomplish all of the above by yourself thru the godaddy website. Of course, some things are not as transparent as I would like and may be a little harder for a nontechnical person to understand. Most people understand the basics of an automobile and can operate it safely and efficiently but are not comfortable getting under the hood.

            I hope this helps.
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              VishSastry Wayfarer

              Not clear what the business is. We specialize in getting small businesses online. We take care of everything - design, development, domain name for $299 and will do ongoing maintenance (unlimited updates once a month), e-mail and ongoing hosting for $29. If you are looking at ongoing submissions to yahoo, Google and bunch of other search engines, we charge $49 a month.

              We also specialize in building tools specific for the businesses and are really inexpensive

              You can e-mail me at - once we have a better understanding, we can decide on a solution that works best for you. I am working this weekend.

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                GAITHERSBURD Wayfarer
                You may want to check Yahoo small business. They offer different service for online stores.
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                  HappyTails Wayfarer

                  I suggest you look into Office Live Small Business. Hosting is free, site design is very easy, there is lots of community support if you have problems.


                  I have 2 sites. which is hosted by Office Live Small Business & is very easy to maintain, change add new things to. I created and maintain this site on my own.


                  I also have another site hosted by a small local company. The wysiwyg editor never works, the site ranking has dropped. It is nearly impossible to edit the site as the host is using Vdeck. It looks so terrible I don't want to list it here but I will so you can see what could happen if you put your site in the hands of a poor host.


                  If you are going to want to dip your creative side into your website, make sure your host has easy to use editing software if you are not experienced in website design.


                  Happy Tails Dog Psychology Help.


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                    MnlyTechnlgy Adventurer
                    Hi LEX_08: We also offer website development, hosting, domain registration and maintenance for small business. If you are obtaining quotes or would like to discuss this further, please feel free to e-mail me at with "small business online community" in the subject line so you will bypass my SPAM filter.

                    We can do either small, large, e-Commerce or database development for your website based on your needs. We build the website to be easily maintained by anyone.

                    I look foward to hearing from you in the near future.

                    Deb Leonard
                    Mainely Technology