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    Business Plan

    swtbreeze Wayfarer
      When you starting writing a business plan ,was it hard to do and how long it took you to finish.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Business Plan, Welcome swtbreeze

          Developing a Business Plan is putting your ideas on paper. It is a document explaining in some detail your plans to develop a successful business, Preparing a bus plan forces you to think through every aspect of your business. It also serves as an assessment tool, and reaffirms the viability of your ideas.
          Part of the bus plan is Marketing and Cash Flow.
          Finally the bus plan should be flexible and should change as your business grows.
          Every bus plan is different in context, size, information and time it takes to complete.

          Hope this helps, LUCKIEST
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Yes, writing my first business plan was hard. It took me about nine years to finish it (from when I initially decided I want to start the business until I actually could and did). The subsequent plans I have written were considerably easier, and were developed much faster.

            The first time you write a business plan, there is a lot of new stuff to learn about, and you have to make some "guesstimates" about things you don't have any prior experience with. So you have to spend the amount of time it takes to learn and explore all that, yet be careful that you're not spending too much time trying to make any one aspect "perfect" -- because no matter how long you spend, it still won't be perfect (i.e., once you are really in business, reality will throw you curve you didn't expect or plan for).

            Hope that helps. Best wishes.
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