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    paypal account

    laurel37 Newbie
      i have tried to open a paypalaccount cause with my
      bussiness they collect my money then pay me but,i cant open one cause i dont have a bank account or credit card,and cant get a credit card.
      please any help would be greatly appreciated.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          paypal account, Welcome

          Tell us more. What is your business?? and Where are you like city and state??
          Why cant you open a bank account?? How long have you been in business??


          And how can I help?? LUCKIEST
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              laurel37 Newbie
              Imin huntsville,arkansasa.
              i sell on line , i sell knick nacks,household goods pots,pans etc,really alot of different things.
              been doing this for 6 mts.and really struggling,because i have to use paypal and they only excepts bank accounts,or credit cards.
              Because of my divorce i have poor credit,so been turned down by alot of different credit card companys,and banks.
              please help!any advice will be very helpful.
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                  nMoncrief Adventurer
                  Will you share your web address with us? I may be able to help you get a real merchant account, but I'd need to see your website first. Poor credit isn't a deal breaker by itself, as long as your not engaged in "high-risk" businesses. I've made numerous posts in this forum about the drawbacks of a PayPal account for legitmate e-commerce businesses, so I won't restate them all now. I simply don't think it gives a professional image. If I am able to write a merchant account for you, your poor credit may require daily discounting, at least initially. This means that we'd have to take the fees out of your deposits on a daily basis instead of monthly. Normally, this is one of the things I dislike about about PayPal, but with poor credit, it may be your only option. And you'd still have a real merchant account with all discount rates and fees below what PayPal charges. If you'd rather not post your website here, feel free to email it to me. I'll respond with more information. Best of luck!

                  Neil Moncrief
                  Creek Financial Services