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    drop shipment for my website store

    gnine83 Newbie
      now that i got the website up and going i need to understand how the drop shipment thing works? Being the fact that i am selling hair weaves and wigs etc.... would i have to find a wholesaler/retail company to drop ship for me or would it just be easier for me to by and then ship the product out myself as well as which would save me more money. Thanks gnine83
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          Kebranegast Newbie
          Do you make your own products? The sole purpose for dropshipping is convenience. Find a few wholesalers or distributors that offer this service. Then begin the process.
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            amspcs Ranger
            The answer depends on your situation. Do you or do you not have the physical space and financial means to invest in and stock inventory? If money is tight and you can't afford proper inventory levels,,then drop shipping is something to consider, because when someone orders something that you don't have in stock, you'll lose the sale.

            That said, do your homework when investigating drop shippers. Like any other biz category, there are lots of legit ones out there, but lots of scam artists as well. Check references and use due diligence.

            One thing to remember from a payment processing standpoint: If you elect to use a drop shipper, make sure the return address and telephone info on the label is YOURS, not that of the drop shipper. If the customer has a problem or needs to contact you and can't (they reach the drop shipper and not you), that will result in a chargeback which (a) will mean you'll lose your money AND your product, and (b) you'll end up losing your merchant account since chargebacks are a big no-no.

            As a professional I would be remiss if I didn't mention this: Have you made your merchant services arrangements yet? If not, you might want to consider a QuickBooks Merchant account for several reasons:

            1.) Free setup, absolutely no up front costs.
            2.) Free QB software included
            3.) No contracts or long term commitments--if you don't like it, close on 30 days notice anytime.
            4.) Since you are an ecommerce merchant, you'll be interested to know the required secure internet
            gateway is included at no addional cost. Otherwise, you're looking at $149 setup plus an extra $20
            per month for
            5.) Virtual terminal also included at no extra cost, so you can handle mail/phone orders in addition to
            internet orders.

            Taka few moments to review the plan and, if interested, apply online at this link:


            Good luck. Call with questions.

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              easyfreewebde Wayfarer

              There is a bennefit to having the wholesaler dropship, you don't have to hold any inventory.

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