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    Contractor seeking investors for foreclosure projects

    spaizes Newbie
      We are a State Licensed Building Contracting Company with many under valued real estate projects. We are seeking investors who will partner with us in the purchase, remodeling and sale of these properties. There has never been a time like this! Investors capital shall be secured with the property being in that investor's name/company. You own the property and we make deals to purchase, remodel and sell. For instance: In 2006 a 2000SF house in Bradenton , FL sold for and was appraised at $428,000, this same house today is available from the bank on a Short Sale for $225,000. The project needs about $40,000 infused and will sell for $340,000 or more. There are scores of properties like these and we wish to partner with you. We have a State of Florida Contractor License, will attain permits, inspections, etc. Contact us at Ideally we would do one deal at a time. Monies can also be in escrow for investor protection and disbursed accordingly.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Contractor seeking investors for foreclosure projects, Welcome

          I would like to know more about you and your company.
          How long have you been in business?? How many principals and employees presently
          working for your company?? How many properties or deals are you doing NOW??
          Have you completed any deals to date?? How many more you planning to do this year??
          Have you developed a Business or Marketing Plan that I can read??

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              spaizes Newbie
              We are a Constrtuction Company and are doing work for banks and mortgage companies in addition to our remodeling and construction projects. These projects currently are for others or shjould I say for the bank and we wish to embark on this new venture. The market is ripe and we have plenty of properties at our diisposal. We would of course pick only the projects that can be maximized (profit).

              I am the contractor and owner of two companies Florida Home Improvement Services Inc. and Sarasota Construction & Remodeling Co. We employ supervisors, employees as well as sub contractors. We are also doing work in Atlanta and Houston.

              I hope this answers your questions. If not please contact me again.