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    Any experience with Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale?

    jordan04 Newbie
      Hi all. I'm starting a new retail business and am interested to hear the experiences of other small business owners who currently use or have used Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale software. Any positives or negatives to pass along? I'm going with Bank of America Merchant Services, and need to make sure that my pos software will be compatible with their platform. It's my understanding that I can't use certain pos software programs such as Quickbooks POS, because it only integrates with First Data for merchant services. However, from what I understand, Microsoft's program will be compatible with Bank of America's card processing services.

      I'm not really looking to hear from merchant service providers trying to sell their system to me - really just want to hear from other business owners who will give me honest opinions.

      Thank you!
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          jordan04 Newbie
          Still looking to hear from other small retail business owners about Microsoft's Point of Sale software. Thanks!
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            snipperred Scout
            Hi there,

            I have not used it but have looked into Microsoft Dynamics in general. I am impressed. You can learn a lot by going to their site and open up a chat dialogue with customer service. The impression I get of their service is you could get your questions answered real-time, by a live person, and without any obligations, aggressive upselling, or closing escalations.

            I kind of like the web platform, integration with Outlook, and various CRM components. However, service alone might be enough to sell me. I've spent hours on the phone - resolving technical issues with processing terminals through automated menus before getting through to live support - and my time is expensive!