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    Would You Hire Me To Promote Your Business? Why or Why Not?

    HumanArrow Adventurer

      I am from Los Angeles and currently work as a Sales Manager for Fortune 300 Company in Chicago.
      In the West Coast there is a new form of advertising known as human directionals. It is a buzz marketing service that targets the consumers that are closest to businesses. This form of advertising has become popular with many retailers, restaurants and real estate companies. Websites can also be promoted in areas where there is a large population of people like conventions, ball parks, etc.

      I am bringing this concept to Chicago and Milwaukee. Now, other methods of advertising like pay per click, print, radio and TV can be expensive. Our service starts at $399 for 4 hours of advertising, putting your message in front of thousands. Our associates hold one of our large arrows to attract attention with the arrow displaying the ad or Our marketing solution is affordable and works real time. Please click to read my profile? Can you please give me feedback and suggestions?

      Would you hire Human Arrow? Why or Why Not?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          My BizApp is targeting aircraft leasing companies and their TOP staff members..these people move in the higher echelons, no I would not hire a human arrow with my .com embalzoned on it for everyone to see...even at the airport.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            I'm not in Chicago or Milwaukee. Aside from developers and homebuilders who are trying to guide prospective buyers to a hard to find neighborhood (not on a map or GPS yet), the only time I've seen these used in my area were by retailers who are going out of business. If I were a retailer, I might be hesitant to advertise that way around here for that reason (it has kind of a "desperate" and "tacky" connotation).

            I'm sure most of us who've exhibited at trade shows or conferences have seen or used human directionals that go beyond "sign holders" -- specifically, models, celebrity look-alikes, street performers, etc. that attract attention and create a memorable link to your product or service. I like that form of advertising in that setting (where almost everyone is a qualified prospective buyer, and the main objective is to get them to LOOK). I've wondered why someone hasn't expanded that concept to advertise businesses in locations with consumer foot traffic like malls and downtown office/shopping districts -- not just a sign-holder, but talent with an advertising message. You see it in tourist areas, but not so much anywhere else (at least, I haven't).

            Best wishes.
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                snipperred Scout
                I think Lighthouse's point about talent/event is spot on.

                Going off of your post only, I would not spend 400 for 4 hours because I could hire any good looking college student to do it for less than half the price.

                However, if you combine talent and a marketing event into it then I think you are on to something. I am noticing a trend away from any kind of physical advertising. It seems people are starting to be conditioned more than ever to disregard it- much like most people generelly know what they want already when surfing the internet. It's likely to be forcefully tuned out! the same internet traffic behavior patterns would seem to represent opportunities to you as well. Wherever a group of people are gathering around something, that's what attracts attention.

                I think the neat part of a human directional has to be the live image, ability to move around, intelligent and fun interactivity- and of course the eye contact and smile. I would think most people do not like being "tagged" like I'm sure you've experienced walking through a mall, and doing this type of thing has to be even less fun for the salespeople. At least they don't have to carry arround a big arrow! So my suggestion offhand would be to make sure the event is something the human directional can really get into and that people will be pleased with if/when they interact.

                What you promote would have to play a big role in this. The best signs are the ones that are in the right place at the right time. So you have something to work with in your business. I love it when signs appear telling me where to go right before I get lost- or right after! Ideally, I imagine the event should be an extension of what you are advertising. So whatever it is you can incorporate into the event, there is even more or better where you are directing.

                Just my two cents. For a dime I might suggest turning the website signs into wifi hotspots. Hope that helps.
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                AzTouristNews Newbie
                I used to sell, on the streets of LA, "lobster tails by the pound bag." We had over 40 beat up painted signs with arrows pointing accordingly, we would put them out 1/4 mile apart 10E, 10W, 10S, 10N...for a total of 40 pieces of wood.

                Key....You must have, even with humans I imagine, something that people will WANT to go to, and happy to be "led by the nose" into their "new just found out" destination.