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    Funding NEEDED for Business Expansion !!!(Time Sensitive)

    amadrigal Newbie
      I am a business owner since 2000
      I draw upon years of experience gained in the telecommunications industry.
      I have served as an owner administrator for private business as well as profit organizations.
      Opened a couple wireless locations in Northern Ca after having gained 4 years of experience
      working for AT&T Wireless.
      My Business started out in the Retail Wireless services, funded by my personal savings.
      I have been successful in this area due to my market focus being the Hispanic community.
      All the merges happening with the wireless companies have impacted our compensation structure.
      This has partially led us to expand sooner than projected to Business to Business format.

      In a few words our business is now "Opening doors between the Hispanic community and businesses".

      We have acquired partnerships with major service providers that are seeking to reach the hispanic community

      have already begun developing national network among other
      professionals,having as a starting point, the best of three worlds: we
      have high-quality training systems, high-tech products, and most
      important a niche market (Hispanic Market).

      We have the foundation of our business infrastructure in place my only peace missing is the funding
      being that I have never looked for funding when I originally started I am unfamiliar on how to?

      Items Done
      1)Business Plan
      2)Business projections
      3)Policies and Procedures


      have asked around but the requirements are many and the turnaround time
      is long. Time is of essence due to the fact that we are expanding three
      times as fast as projected.

      I am open to see all possible venues of funding.

      Timing is EXTREMELY important due to the fact that I have invested all my funds.

      ANY Guidance will be GREATLY appreciated.