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    From Zero to Zillionaire

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      Everyone should have joy,
      energy, enthusiasm and fun around the issue of money.


      *1. Change your
      mindset and you will change your future.*
      Are your thoughts about
      money negative?

      "There's never enough."
      "Debt and taxes are killing me."

      If you think like this, you
      are sabotaging yourself. Substitute positive affirmations about money.

      "People love to give me
      "I'm earning a great income doing what makes me happy."
      "My bills are paid, and I still have plenty of money."


      *2. Choose the goals
      that make you rich.*
      Take the time to create a
      plan that will get you to your goals.

      This is business planning
      made simple. It's the first step to taking your positive mindset about money, and
      acting on it.

      If your goal is to make $1
      million, how much will you have to sell to do that? What will your price be?
      How long will it take?


      *3. Send out ships
      to bring home the zillions.*
      The saying, "Waiting for my
      ship to come in" dates to the London merchants in the 1800s who sent clipper
      ships sailing for goods, then waited for their return one day.

      Today's "ships" are making
      phone calls, going to seminars, meeting new people, designing an email
      campaign, upgrading your website.


      *4. Surround
      yourself with people who make you feel rich and happy.*
      Campbell uses the analogy
      of dolphins, sharks and tuna to help sort through the types of people we
      encounter in our lives.

      Dolphins are happy,
      friendly, successful and playful people. Like dolphins, they are always
      smiling. They communicate well and stay in groups to ward off shark attacks.

      Sharks are eating machines.
      They want all the money for themselves. They are happy, because they take
      advantage of everybody to get what they want.

      Tuna are food. They swim with
      the sharks and are rewarded for this trust by being eaten alive. They think
      sharks just haven't found their inner dolphin. Being a tuna is suicidal.

      You want to be a dolphin,
      and surround yourself with dolphins.


      *5. Keep score in
      the money game.*
      Yes, you must B-U-D-G-E-T,
      but you don't need to have a bad feeling about it. Campbell has come up with
      the acronym,


      You need three budgets:
      low, medium and high. Medium is for your current circumstances. A low budget is
      for tightening the belt. The high budget represents what you'll do when all
      your ships come in.


      *6. Your zillionaire
      timeframe starts now. Live your life every day. Don't wait for retirement.*
      Retirement should not be
      your goal. Doing work that you love should be your goal.

      On the recent Forbes list
      of billionaires, Bill Gates is #1. He's still working. Warren Buffet is #2. He
      just gave his money to the #1 guy, and he's still working, too. #3 is Sheldon
      Adelson, who owns the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. He has a five-year plan to
      be #1. He's 83!


      *7. Survive the
      storms when your ships are sinking.*
      Everyone experiences
      reversals. When this happens, go into survival mode, but not a negative
      mindset. Focus on your high budget. Send out lots of ships. Sunny skies will come


      *8. Lighten up on
      the way to enlightenment.*
      The whole idea is to have a
      great life!

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