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    Make a Decision: Never Look Back, Look Forward

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      Decision: A Turning Point*
      If you want
      something more in your life, you have to make a decision.

      Whether you
      want to be wealthy, to have a better relationship, to be healthy or smart, your
      first step is to decide that this is what you want.

      Making the
      decision cuts off other options. When Jim heard the presentation about a
      business opportunity that changed his life, he made the decision: "I will
      do this."



      Vision: See Yourself as What You Want to Become*
      If you base
      decisions on past experiences, you can defeat yourself quickly. Jim could have
      undermined his decision to be an entrepreneur by asking himself, "What
      makes me think I can run a business? I don't even have a high school

      Instead, he saw
      himself as being successful someday, and did what it took to forge that vision into
      a reality.

      When Jim's
      father told him to go back to his old factory job again, Jim responded: "I
      can't." That possibility wasn't part of how Jim saw himself anymore.



      Decision Creates a Mindset*
      A mindset
      attracts circumstances to you like a magnet. Whether it's the mindset of being
      a victim, or the mindset of being a winner, you attract those circumstances.

      Jim's mindset
      was, "No matter what, I will succeed at this."


      Thinking, Backed Up by Correct Action*
      After reading
      4,000 "how to" books about success, Jim decided they focused
      primarily on positive thinking, motivation and goal setting. None of these is
      enough. After deciding what to do, it's important to take action.



      **Learn to Make Decisions Quickly
      As an
      entrepreneur, you need to learn to think on your feet. Be bold. If you want to
      succeed in business today, you must step out of the crowd and do the things
      that other people aren't willing to do.


      *Seize Opportunities, Avoid
      If you see an
      opportunity, and you like it, decide to pursue it. Years ago, Jim chose to open
      a medical and nutrition clinic. People pointed out that he had no knowledge.
      "I'll read some books," he said. But he wasn't a doctor or
      nutritionist. "I'll hire one of each," he said.

      Soon, Jim
      opened a clinic with a doctor and a nutritionist. In the first month, it did
      $80,000 in business. Within six months, he had 14 nutritionists and two
      doctors. Within a year he had four clinics and $1 million in the bank.



      *Get Out
      of Your Comfort Zone and Grow*
      Learn to live
      with a little discomfort, since that goes hand-in-hand with growth. Jim's first
      speech was one such decisive moment. Dreading it for four months, he hated
      every minute of giving the talk. He left thinking, "Never again. I'll
      never do that again." Then he thought some more: "You've got one of
      two decisions to make: either never do it again, or do it often until you're
      better at it."



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